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Electricity and Water Conservation

You can save the electricity, water and your money; try to follow the energy conservation tips.

Electricity Conservation Tips
Bulb Fan Micro oven
  Lighting Cooling Major Appliances
Water Conservation Tips
Indoor Toilet   Showers & Faucets  Washing machine
Toilets  Showers & Faucets Major Appliances
Outdoor Irrigation
General Tips
  Irrigation Landscaping  General Tips
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Electricity and Water Conservation Tips (PDF Brochure)
Hotel Guest Conservation Tips Hotel Conservation Tips Factory Conservation Tips General Tips
Hotel Guest
Conservation Tips
(2011-March, File Size: 2,400 Kb, File Format: PDF)
Hotel Conservation Tips
(2011-March, File Size: 1,400 Kb, File Format: PDF)
Factory Conservation Tips
(2011-March, File Size: 1,200 Kb, File Format: PDF)
General Tips
(2011-March, File Size: 6,700 Kb, File Format: PDF)

Be The Change
Be The Change (Change Climate Change)
(2015-March, File Size: 9,500 Kb, File Format: PDF)

Note: Conservation tips also available in Video format.
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