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Green Bill

In fulfillment of the initiative of HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, entitled Green Economy for Sustainable Development, DEWA has introduced the Green Bill.

Switch to Green Bill for your convenience and to save the environment. The Green Bill offers you the convenience of viewing and paying your DEWA bill online – simply and securely, whenever and wherever you wish.
  What is Green Bill?
  Green Bill is an electronic version of your paper bill. You will receive an email each month as soon as your latest bill is ready.
  Why should I use Green Bill?
  •  Easy to Use, It takes just a few simple steps to sign up for Green Bill.

•  Convenient:- Access and pay your bill online from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

•  Faster:- You will receive Green Bill each month as soon as your latest bill is ready, eliminating delays from standard mail delivery.

•  Better Organization:- Record of all bills and payments made online.

•  Enhanced Security:- Green Bills reduce the flow of personal information from unsecured mailboxes, where paper mail can be a target for theft. Green Bills are transmitted securely.

•  Environmental Friendly:- Green Bill allows you to reduce paper usage that helps to save trees, reduce solid waste and curb the release of greenhouse gases.

  Will I continue to receive a paper copy of my bill through mail?
  Yes you will receive both Green and Paper bill unless you specifically opt for Green Bill only.

  Are DEWA Green Bills the same as paper bills?
  Yes, the information in Green Bill is same as in paper bill.

  Who can sign up for Green Bill?
  All DEWA customers who are registered with DEWA can sign up for Green Bill by providing us their Email IDs.

Subscribe to DEWA's Green Bill service
  Green Statement is a Collective Billing Service for organisations, companies and corporate customers who have 9 or more accounts
  What is a Green Statement?
  Green Statement is an electronic summary of billing, payments and outstanding dues of all the contract accounts under your Collective Account (Statement Code). You will receive an email monthly, as soon as your latest bills are ready, containing a link to the DEWA Website for downloading your Collective Account Statement (Green Statement) and individual bills for your Collective Account.
  Will I receive separate email for each account under my Collective Account (Statement Code)?
  You will receive only one email for all Collective Accounts (Statement Code). You have to login to the DEWA’s Customer eServices Portal to view the details of all your bills
  Can I download and save bills for all accounts under my Collective Account (Statement Code) as one file (all together)?
  Yes, you can download and save as PDF Files all your bills under your Collective Account (Statement Code) all together. Please click on Statements (Collective Billing).
  Will I receive a paper bill for my Collective Account and accounts under my Collective Account (Statement Code) if I opt for Green Bill?
  No, the paper bill will be discontinued for your Collective Account and all accounts under your collective Account (Statement Code).
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