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Getting Electricity and Water Connection
Service Information
Subject Description
Service Name: Getting Electricity and Water Connection
Service Description: Consultants/Contractors can apply for this service for getting Electricity/Water connection online. As a pre-requisite, the customer shall complete the owner Registration process and obtain the building NOC and Building Permit, for the project.
Application for getting electricity can be submitted through the E-Services 'One Window' by accessing this service using the user ID and Password. Customer shall fill the details, given in the application as applicable, and upload the technical documents and details as listed in the application. The documents will be technically reviewed for approval and preparation of DEWA estimate and processed further for field inspection, etc. The Estimate will be forwarded for payment after which DEWA's field works will be executed.
The customer will be able to track the status of the application, uploading of additional documents, downloading of the approved documents, project status notification for the technical inspection, etc. through one window system.
Contact Department: Connection Services Department
Contact Office: Al Hudaiba Office View DEWA Customer Service Offices Maps.
Contact Phone: 04- 506 6150 / 04- 506 6172
Contact Fax: 04- 324 0801
Contact Email:
Fees Information: Not Required
eService Information: Getting Electricity and Water Connection
Registration Information: Online Registration Required
Estimated Delivery Duration:

Offline Procedure
Stage #NameDescriptionContact Department
1Letter SubmissionSend proposal of load arrangement (SLD) for review to DSD with the required attachments. Make sure to include the following information:
owner name/type of project/consultant information including fax and contact phone/plot no./area
Connection Services Department (Al Hudaibah)
2Approval of Location and SizeAfter reviewing the submittal, if no comments were found, a reply from DEWA accepting the location & size of control room will be sent through fax.Connection Services Department (Al Hudaibah)

Online Procedure
Stage #NameDescription
1Online Application SubmissionFill-in the online application form with required information and submit the form. On successful submission, a reference number will be provided.
2Application Status Tracking and NotificationsCustomer will receive SMS and e-mail notifications regarding the progress of the application (submission, revision, approval, etc.) In addition to notifications, the status of the application can also be tracked online through the tracking page of the e-service.
3Application RevisionGetting electricity application can be revised once the estimate is issued to the customer by using revision option.
4Service DeliveryOnce the technical documents are approved, A notification will be sent through SMS or email, DEWA estimate will be issued to the customer and notification for further coordination for technical inspection requirements, etc., up to release of power/water connection will be sent through the web site.

For more information about this service, view Service FAQ

Attachment Information
Attachment NameMandatory/OptionalUser Category
Project Summary of Total Connected load/Max. Demand schedule (.pdf Format) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
MDBs/SMDBs Schedules (.pdf Format only ) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
Single Line Diagram with proposed LV distribution and tariff metering (.dwf Format) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
Site setting lay-out and ground floor plan indicating location of substation, LV room (along with dimensional details of LV room, arrangements of LV Panels, MDBs, KWh meters etc..) (.dwf Format) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
Ground floor and/or typical floor plan indicating location of Electrical rooms/MDBs/SMDBs etc (.dwf Format) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
General arrangements of KWh meters in ground and/or typical floor electrical rooms (.dwf Format) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
Typical Load distribution schedule for final distribution board. (.pdf Format ) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
Green Building Regulation implementation documents. ( .pdf Format only) OptionalConsultant/Contractor
Technical specification of Chiller/Motor loads and other documents. (.pdf Format ) OptionalConsultant/Contractor
Premise details sheet ( .xls/.doc Format ) OptionalConsultant/Contractor
Material requirements details ( .xls/.doc Format) OptionalConsultant/Contractor
Consultant confirmation letter(No wet area, above electrical room/DBs, Circuit breaker/circuit cables, UV relays, ELCBs etc) in DEWA's prescribed format (.pdf Format) OptionalConsultant/Contractor
Affection Plan+Passport copy/Trade License copy (.pdf Format) MandatoryConsultant/Contractor
DM Approved Thermal Load Calculation sheet OptionalConsultant/Contractor

Service Related Documents
TitleTypeFile Type
MDBs/SMDBs Schedules(Sample format)GuidelineOffline- to be collected from DEWA-AlHudaiba Office, Connection Services Department
Load Distribution Schedule for final distribution board (Sample format)GuidelineOffline- to be collected from DEWA-AlHudaiba Office, Connection Services Department
Green Building Regulation implementation documents (Sample format)GuidelineOffline- to be collected from DEWA-AlHudaiba Office, Connection Services Department
Technical Specification of Chiller/Motor loads (Sample format)GuidelineOffline- to be collected from DEWA-AlHudaiba Office, Connection Services Department
Consultant confirmation letter (Sample format).GuidelineOffline- to be collected from DEWA-AlHudaiba Office, Connection Services Department


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