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Slab Tariff

In line with the decision of the Supreme Energy Council in Dubai to adjust the electricity and water tariff for all DEWA customers which is applied from 1st January 2011, a fuel surcharge is added for electricity & water consumption from this date.

Fuel surcharge in your monthly electricity & water bill will vary based on the rate of increase or decrease of the actual fuel cost supplied to DEWA generation plants.

Fuel Surcharge will be shown separately in your monthly bill and will be charged by Fils/kWh for electricity and Fils/IG for water.

The new tariff intended to promote efficient consumption of electricity and water at a time it is increasingly needed, equally in the conservation and preservation of our precious resources. To know more on our conservation programs, initiatives and related conservation tips, please visit our conservation Tips.
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Electricity Tariff
Residential / Commercial Industrial
Consumption/ monthSlab tariff
G0-2000 kWh23 fils / kWh
Y2001-4000 kWh28 fils / kWh
O4001-6000 kWh32 fils / kWh
R6001 kWh & Above38 fils / kWh
Consumption/ monthSlab tariff
G0-10000 kWh23 fils / kWh
Y10001 kWh & Above38 fils / kWh

Water Tariff
Residential Industrial & Commercial
Consumption/ monthSlab tariff
G0-6000 IG*3.5 fils / IG*
Y6001-12000 IG*4.0 fils / IG*
O12001 IG* & above4.6 fils / IG*
Consumption/ monthSlab tariff
G0-10000 IG*3.5 fils / IG*
Y10001-20000 IG*4.0 fils / IG*
O20001  IG* & above4.6 fils / IG*
Fuel Surcharge - May 2016  
Electricity 6.5 fils / kWh
Water0.6 fils / IG*
*IG = Imperial Gallon
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