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Be Water Smart

Be Water Smart

DEWA’s vision to become a sustainable world-class utility and raises awareness on the importance of rationalizing water consumption, protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

Be Water Smart supports Dubai’s vision and DEWA’s strategy to reduce the wasteful use of natural resources, and find sustainable solutions for extracting and using them.

It underlines our efforts to support national and global efforts to preserve water. It also sheds more light on DEWA’s initiatives to raise awareness about the importance of rationalising water consumption in Dubai and the UAE.

Since 97 percent of water produced in Dubai is desalinated water, an energy-intensive process, reducing water consumption is necessary to save fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

It includes a comprehensive programme to educate consumers about steps they can take in their daily lives to reduce water consumption and save water resources in Dubai and the UAE for generations to come.

These include promoting the use of efficient water-fixtures such as water taps and shower heads equipped with flow reducers, using environmentally-friendly home appliances and regular inspection for water leaks in water pipes and tubes inside the house, in addition to other simple and non-costly measures that make a big difference in conserving water.

Be water smart.