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Thermal Insulation

The accelerated constructional activities coupled with the ever increasing demand for economical and comfortable living encourages us to adopt the latest scientific and technology advancements. Hence we have chosen the concept of the Thermal Insulation System, which plays a vital role in improving the cooling conditions inside buildings. This definitely reflects on power consumption and money involved for all parties concerned in the construction process. The heat and humidity of Dubai causes a higher rate of power consumption due to the high usage of air conditioning systems.

Thermal Insulation System has been introduced to reduce your electric consumption costs up to 40%, thus saving money and the country's energy resources. It also indeed creates a more comfortable living and working atmosphere. Considering the growing need to conserve the most essential commodity - electricity, Dubai Municipality has issued an administrative Decree No: 77 for the year 2001, to include Thermal Insulation Systems within buildings in the Emirate of Dubai.


Benefits of Thermal Insulation:

  • Reduce the consumption of electrical energy up to 40% during the cooling process inside the building.
  • Increases the level of comfort for the inhabitants in a building as it provides a cooler interior.
  • The usage of air conditioning is minimized and so are the loads on air conditioning cables and ducts. This helps to reduce the cost of power consumption and electromechanical item's initial cost.
  • Protects the building materials from constant fluctuations in temperature.
  • Protects furniture inside the buildings
  • Reduces environment pollution and the heat transmitted into the buildings.
  • Reduces the level of energy consumption, which helps to minimize the problems caused by excessive loads on generators and distribution networks and reduces its initial cost.
  • Thermally Insulated buildings have less noise pollution from air conditioners and chiller rooms also from the noise penetrating from the outside.


Helpful Guidance:

  • Building shape & direction: The ideal shape of a building is the one that receives the least sunlight.
  • Window designs: Windows are the weakest points in a building and encourage maximum heat conduction. All the windows should be designed in such a way where in the beauty of a building is retained and the penetration of sunlight is minimized.
  • Insulating walls and roofs: Heat penetrating through walls and roofs forms a great amount that needs to be minimized by cooling systems, hence the importance of Thermal Insulation.
  • Choosing light colours: Light colours reflect light rays, be it from sun or artificial indoor lights. So, use light colour finishes for exteriors to reduce the cost of energy consumption.
  • Height of Roofs: Reduce the height of roofs or ceilings to reduce the volume of air space in the room. This means using air conditioners have less area to cool.
  • Plant more trees: Trees provide beauty to the building and shade too. This gives a cooler surrounding to the building.
  • Thermal Insulation materials: Use materials that are resistant to heat, fire, humidity and erosion, in addition to materials that are long lasting, non expansive and non-shrinkable in the prevailing weather conditions of Dubai.