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‘Ideal Home’ is a pioneer and integrated public service launched in 2016 by DEWA. The service was designed and developed in cooperation with, and support from, seven Government entities. The overriding goal of the service was to educate customers of the participant entities about the possible best practices for an ideal home environment that will be sustainable for building an ideal society. To facilitate meeting this objective, defined customer segment was actively engaged through an interactive approach by a unified team.

The service meant to instil and nurture a culture of an ideal home environment amongst families in Dubai through the fulfillment of varied and integrated requirements of eight government partners. Thereof, identifying and recognizing those households that achieve highest standards of sustainability, health and safety, security, environment, social responsibility and smart adoption. 

The objectives are:

  1. Raise, promote and enhance customer awareness and engagement levels about the best practices at homes on matters of sustainability, health and safety, security, environment, social responsibility and smart adoption.
  2. Achieve highest standards in sustainable living by making it an embedded culture within households.
  3. Enhance efficiency levels by maximizing partnership opportunities for the purpose of provisioning unified government services.
  4. Enable and provide for customer happiness through innovative services.
  5. Support government vision, effectively.


Target Customers:

Residential Customers.

Terms & conditions:

  • To request the ideal home service the customer must apply in the Best Consumer Award  
  • The ideal home team will conduct a site visit to customer’s residence based on their request.
  • The customer’s representative should provide the correct information about the villa, equipment, operations, maintenance, and any other details requested by the team.
  • Customer’s data collected is considered confidential and is used for the evaluation process.

For more details and assistance, please contact the following:

Name:     Aisha Al Hosani

Tel:         045151772

Email:    Aisha.Alhosani@dewa.gov.ae

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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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