Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for the ‘Conservation Award'?

  • Visit www.dewa.gov.ae.
  • Click ‘Sustainability’ in the main menu.
  • Go to ‘Conservation Award’.
  • Download the Award guide.
  • Read terms and conditions of the Award.
  • Fill personal data related to educational institution and category.
  • Attach the needed documents and evidence in a separate file.

When is registration open?

Registration is open at the beginning of each new school year, in September and closes in March.

Can previous non-winning candidates register again for this year’s awards?

Yes, it depends on the terms and conditions for each category of the award.

Can the participant participate in more than one category?


What is the delivery date of the file of candidate or participant?

The deadline for applications is on Thursday, 14/03/2019. Incomplete or late applications will not be accepted.

How can I make sure that the award’s management received my file and evaluated it?

You can directly coordinate with the award coordinators:

  • Murad Al Subhani: 0501557400
  • Sadeeqa Juma: 0507788222
  • Aisha Alhosani: 0551127177

Award coordinators will contact you directly once they receive and evaluate the entries.

When will participants be informed about the date of interview or field visit?

Candidates will be informed about the date of field visit two days prior.

When does winning announcement take place?

Winners are announced during the awarding ceremony that usually takes place in May of each year.

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