Supplier Enrollment

Supplier Enrolment

What is enrolment for Suppliers

Suppliers’ Enrolment:
Enables Suppliers to Enrol for DEWA’s digital supplier services.

Free of charge.

Delivery Duration: 
3 working days

Online Guide

Online Application Submission 

Fill-in the online application form with required information.

Attach required documents and submit the application.

Application Notifications 

You will receive SMS and email notifications regarding the progress of the application (submission, rejection, clarification requested, approval).

Service Delivery

Once the application is approved, an email will be triggered to suppliers with link to set password for supplier users.

Once password is set online, services can be accessed.


  • The Organisation can appoint a primary contact as an administrator
  • The Organization can have up to 3 Administrators’ Users.

“Administrator” is the main user in the organization and will be able to do the following:

  • Create new users, assign roles, delegate tasks and deactivate inactive contacts.
  • Create multiple users for one Contact Person to manage multiple bids.
  • Update various business relationship details along with commercial information.

Functional Users/Contact Persons

  • Multiple contact persons can be created under supplier account to manage various DEWA services.
  • Contact Person allowed to independently setup their login credentials.
  • Contact Person has access to any of the above features assigned by the Administrator.
  • Role based access for Contact Persons.

Please click on the below link for more detailed guides on supplier enrolment process
Supplier enrolment guides 

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