Strategy Management System

The strategy management process for Dubai Electricity and Water Authority in terms of formulation, execution, explanation, communication, assessment and update of its strategic plan is implemented on an annual basis using the third generation of the Balanced Scorecard that includes themes on the strategy map along with the concept of having Theme Champions.

It’s broken down into strategic objectives, corporate KPIs and initiatives which split across the four perspectives.

The four perspectives are: 

  • Triple-Bottom-Line Perspective: This is a modified perspective in the Balanced Scorecard and strategy map, which incorporates sustainability into business decisions through accounting for the three dimensions: financial, social and environmental and thus, allowing to manage performance in a broader business context.
  • Stakeholder Perspective: Is a modified perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard and strategy map, which expands the focus of DEWA’s value creation to all stakeholder categories.
  • Internal Processes Perspective: Is one of the four perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard and strategy map, which focuses on the strategic priorities for various business processes leading to the satisfaction of both customers and shareholders.
  • To learning and growth: Is one of the four perspectives in the Balanced Scorecard and strategy map, which focuses on the priorities to create an environment that supports organisational change, innovation, and growth to achieve excellence in our operations, and to create the necessary potential and improvements that should be available in DEWA.

The Balanced Scorecard shows a cause-and-effect relationship between the four perspectives. The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are based on the need to provide leading and lagging indicators of an organisation’s performance.

DEWA uses the third generation Balanced Scorecard to manage and measure the performance of its strategic direction, broken down into the themes, strategic objectives and corporate KPIs.

 Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are significant measurements used to track and manage performance against strategic objectives. A KPI measures progress in the performance of an objective critical to the organisation’s strategic direction.

Corporate-level KPIs are determined under each Strategic Objective on DEWA’s Strategy Map to assess the overall progress in executing the corporate strategy. Selected KPIs should be understood, acceptable, have a well-defined formula and, above all, measurable.

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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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