Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | Customer Care Centre Services

Services Offered Through Customer Care Center 24/7
(Through Phone & Email)

04 601 9999 

Customer Services & Inquiries:

Customer Services:

• Update Customer Information 
• Register Suggestions / Complaints
• Receive bill statement through Email or Fax 
• Inquiry about outstanding bills and last payment amounts.
• Request for Consumption Verification - Electricity/Water
• Billing services 
• Security Deposit and Credit Refund Services

Customer Cani nquire About:

•  Updating customer Information 
•  Outstanding bill and last payment amounts
•  Consumption Verification - Electricity/Water
•  Activation of Electricity/Water (Move-in)
•  De-activation of Electricity/Water (Move-out)
•  Transfer of Electricity/Water (Move-to) 
•  Electric Vehicle Green Charger service
•  Getting Solar Connections
•  Billing services 
•  Slab Tariff 
•  Changing customer category and premises.
•  Security Deposit and Credit Refund Services 
•  General inquiries 


Electricity & Water Technical Incidents 

Electricity/Water Services:

•  Request for Attending Technical Incidents Electricity/Water
•  Request for Getting Electricity Supply for Tents

Email Customer Care Centre at

24/7 to inquire about and apply for the following services:

•  Update customer information 
•  Register Suggestions / Complaints
•  Inquiry about outstanding bill and last payment amount.
•  Consumption Verification - Electricity/Water
•  Activation of Electricity / Water (Move-in) 
•  De-activation of Electricity / Water (Move-out) 
•  Transfer of Electricity / Water (Move-to) 
•  Electric Vehicle Green Charger services
•  Getting Solar Connections
•  Billing services 
•  Slab Tariff 
•  Change Customer Category and premise type
•  Security Deposit and Credit Refund Services 
•  General inquiries

You can also inquire about DEWA services at the Customer Care Centre 24/7 via :

• Verified WhatsApp number (04-6019999) empowered by (AI) through “Rammas”, DEWA’s virtual employee
• “Hayak” Service (Text and Video Chat)
• “Ash’ ir”, a live video chat service using sign language for People of Determination with hearing disability.