Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | Getting Electricity/Water Connections

Getting Electricity/Water Connections

What is Getting Electricity / Water Connection

This service helps the customers to obtain power / water connections to their various projects. Application for getting electricity / water can be submitted through the E-Services ‘One Window’ system, by accessing this service using the user ID & Password. 

Customer shall fill the details, given in the application as applicable, and upload the technical documents and details as listed in the application. The documents will be technically reviewed for approval and preparation of DEWA Estimate / Connection Charges and processed further for field inspection, etc.

The Estimate / Connection Charges will be forwarded for payment after which DEWA’s field works will be executed. The customer will be able to track the status of the application, upload additional documents, download the approved documents, project status notification for the technical inspection, etc. through one window system.  

Getting Electricity Connection

**Refer AL NAMOOS Services for up to 150kW permanent new electricity connections.


Application for service is free of charge. Service is chargeable (where applicable).

Delivery Duration:

LV Design Approval:

• Load from 1‐150 kw: 1 working day
• Load from 151‐400 kw: 2 working days
• Load from 401‐5000 kw: 3 working days
• Load from 5001 and above: 3 working days

Issuance of Connection Cost:

• Load from 1 to 150 Kw: 1 working day
• Load from 151 to 400 Kw: 3 working days
• Load from above 400 Kw: 3 working days

LV Inspection:

• Load from 1 – 150 Kw: 1 working days from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

• Load from above 150 Kw: 2 working days from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

HV Substation Location & size Approval (If any)

• 3 working days

HV Substation Inspection (If any)

• 1 working day from the date preferred by the authorized electrical Contractor for the project

Getting Water Connection


Application for service is free of charge.

Connection Fees:

As per daily water demand, required materials, Authorities approvals, and site condition.

Estimation release:

Water estimation will be released when all requirements are fulfilled by the applicant. (The Water estimation is valid for only one year from date of Water estimation release)

Cost estimate for ½ & 1” direct meter connections will be released in 1 working day

Service Delivery:

- 5 working days from payment and the scheduled shutdown for Large meter connections.

- 3 working days from payment, building readiness, compliance with AMI requirements and the submission of all required documents for small meter connections.

Service Activation:

The water shall be release when all required payments are made if applicable (pending payments, security deposit, and pending bills)

Online Guide

Online Application Submission

Fill-in the online application form with required information attach necessary documents listed below, then submit the form. On successful submission, a reference number will be provided (Reference number for water application W-xxxxxx, reference number for Electricity application E-xxxxxx):

Water Connection:

Types of Connections:

    1. Single:  Premises that include a single meter (i.e. villa, hotel building… etc.). 
    2. Multi: Premises containing more than one meter within the same property (i.e. building apartment). 
    3. Development: Housing communities that have more than one meter within the area (i.e. Emaar Developments, DAMAC… etc.).

Water Connections Categories:

    1. Temporary connection (for construction purposes)
    2. Permanent connection
    3. Upgradation (increase of water demand)

Mandatory Documents for Water Connection:

  • Affection plan (required only if project falling in Dubai free zone areas)
  • Premises details sheets
  • Approved shop drawings

Mandatory Documents for Electricity Connection :

  • Proposed location of meters and sub-meters
  • Layout of Drawing (i.e. floor plan indicating plumbing system)
  • Summary and details of connected load & maximum demand
  • Setting out layout/ GF plan indicating metering locations/ substations, as applicable
  • Single line diagram of the LV distribution & metering
  • Dimensional details and arrangement of metering cabinets/ LV panels
  • Wiring layouts
  • Substation details if applicable

Optional Documents for Electricity Connection:

  • Green Building Regulation implementation documents. ( .pdf Format only)
  • Technical specification of Chiller/Motor loads and other documents. (.pdf Format)
  • Premise details sheet (.xls/.doc Format)
  • Material requirements details (.xls/.doc Format)
  • Consultant confirmation letter(No wet area, above electrical room/DBs, Circuit breaker/circuit cables, UV relays, ELCBs etc) in DEWA's prescribed format (.pdf Format)
  • DM Approved Thermal Load Calculation sheet

Application Status Tracking and Notifications

Customer will receive SMS and e-mail notifications regarding the progress of the application (submission, revision, approval, etc.) In addition to notifications, the status of the application can also be tracked online through the tracking page of the e-service.

 Application Revision

Getting electricity application can be revised once the estimate is issued to the customer by using revision option.

Service Delivery 

Once the technical documents are approved, a notification will be sent through SMS or email, DEWA estimate will be issued to the customer and notification for further coordination for technical inspection requirements, etc., up to release of power/water connection will be sent through the web site.