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Infrastructure Projects No Objection Certificate

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Infrastructure NOC Application

This service helps the registered customers to obtain Infrastructure NOC for Road Projects, Network Service Projects, General Projects, and House Connections within Right of Way / DEWA reservations / DEWA Premises through RTA E-NOC online system and/or availing through DEWA e-Services as applicable.


Service is free of Charge.

Delivery Duration:

  • Information NOC : 3 WD.
  • Trial pits NOC : 3 WD.
  • House Connection NOC : 3 WD.
  • General Projects : 5 WD.
  • Network NOC : 7 WD.
  • Road Projects NOC : 7 WD.

Online Guide

Online Application Submission:

In this section customers can submit documents for both manually submitted RTA E-NOC and NOCs which do not require RTA NOC reference number (DEWA related projects only).

All RTA E-NOC applications can be tracked through this portal. No submission / resubmission for digital RTA E-NOC application is possible through this service.

Any NOC application that is submitted through this portal as mentioned above will not be processed if such NOC is required to be submitted through RTA E-NOC portal as per aw for working within the 'Right of Way'.

All acceptable NOC applications will be processed by DEWA Infrastructure Information and Permits Department (II&PD) for Road Projects, Network Service Projects, General Projects, and House Connections Projects within the Right of Way, DEWA reservations and DEWA Premises.

Mandatory Documents:

Depending on the project type and NOC application type; the NOC application should comply with the requirements of the Infrastructure NOC Submission Guideline and NOC Infrastructure Technical Manual; which can be found on DEWA portal.

Application Status Tracking and Notifications:

Customers will receive SMS and e-mail notifications regarding the progress of the application (submission, rejection, revision, approval). In addition, the status of the NOC application can be checked by using 'Track Customers Application' option.

Application Resubmission:

If the application was commented; then please access ‘the Resubmission Page’ using ‘Track Customers Application’; and re-submit a revised application.

Service Delivery:

Once NOC application is approved; then the digitally stamped drawings and documents that are attached with the NOC can be downloaded from this portal; and a copy of which should be kept at site.

For more information about this service, view the frequently asked questions.