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Smart Living League

Smart Living competition is a community engaging competition derived from the Smart Living initiative that aims to promote a rational sustainable energy consumption lifestyle among all society members in Dubai. The Smart Living initiative empowers customers to proactively monitor, manage and control their usage of electricity and water by enabling them to witness the impact of their lifestyle choices on their consumption

1. Who can Play the Smart Living League?

The league is available for all DEWA customers and the public who can login as guests to spread awareness and create a positive impact for the ‘Smart Living’ initiative. The competition has 3 levels with more chances for everyone to win and maximise awareness about the Smart Living initiative. The competition winners final announcement will be in January 2021 with 2071 winners.

2. How can I access Smart Living League?

Smart Living League is available on DEWA’s smart app. Firstly, download DEWA App to your smart device, then you have to login using your username and password. You will find the Smart Living League on the main page to start playing.

3. Where can I find DEWA app to download from?

You can download the app from the Apple Store and Play Store.

4. Can we find Smart Living League on DEWA website?

No, you can’t. The Smart Living League is only available on DEWA App.

5. How does the Smart Living League work?

The competition has 3 levels so that more chances are given for everyone to win and maximise awareness about the Smart Living initiative and DEWA initiatives. The competition was announced during GITEX week and the final announcement of the winners will be in January 2021 with 2071 winners.

6. When will the league be announced?

The 1st and 2nd level of the competition was launched during GITEX week from (6—10 December 2020) and the final level will be launched at the start of 2021.

7. How many prizes are there in the Smart Living League?

There are 2,071 prizes.

There will be a raffle draw for each level of the League:

  • The First level will have a raffle draw of 1,000 prizes.
  • The Second level will have a raffle draw of 1000 prizes.
  • The Third and last level will have a raffle draw of 71 prizes.

8. Why are there 2,071 prizes?

The 2,071 prizes reflect the UAE Centennial 2071.

9. What are the three levels of the Smart Living League?

  • Level 1: DEWA customers and the public can register on the DEWA Smart App and take a simple quiz to answer 3 out of 10 questions about smart living initiative correctly to get to the next level.
  • Level 2: Participants who finished level 1 successfully can participate in a Trivia where they need to answer general questions about DEWA & Smart Living within 10 minutes and collect 5 points of each correctly answered questions.
  • Level 3: Participants who unlocked level one and two can play in a crosswords game where they must solve the riddle and write the correct answer, they will have a 5 minutes timer for 10 words. Participants will get points for each word, 3 points for each word.

10. When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced in January 2021

11. If I encounter a problem or need a support, how can I contact DEWA?

Customers can contact DEWA Customer care on 04 601 9999 to answer any enquiries about Smart Living League.

12. What are the types of prizes the winner will get?

There are a range of great prizes related to technology, Smart appliances and Smart homes

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