Research and Development Centre

It is currently under construction and will be completed by 2020. The Research and Development (R&D) centre will focus on four key operations:

  1. Producing electricity using solar power: Research, conducted in cooperation with international organisations, will focus on studying photovoltaic panels, and limiting the impact of dust to maintain their performance. It will also test their long-term capability and develop criteria and specifications that suit the local environment.
  2. Integration of Smart Grids: DEWA will conduct research to develop models, and smart grid technologies and systems. These include studying loads, monitoring energy consumption, and the effect of new technologies on the grids.
  3. Energy Efficiency: DEWA cooperates with partners and educational institutions all over the world, to invest in innovation and creativity, and to develop the next generation’s capabilities of using solar energy through many pioneering initiatives.
  4. Water: DEWA is working to develop sustainable solutions to desalinate and purify water using solar energy. DEWA also aims to develop technology to produce drinking water, by collecting humidity from the air. 

The Innovation Centre:

DEWA is working to develop an Innovation Centre, equipped with the latest renewable and clean energy technologies. Through this, DEWA aims to raise awareness on sustainability, while enhancing national capabilities and increasing competitiveness. DEWA’s Innovation Centre will comprise four stories in addition to a ground floor, standing 90 metres tall. The Innovation Centre will be equipped with the latest clean and renewable energy technologies, and will serve as a museum and exhibition for solar energy.

Solar testing facility:

The solar park features two solar testing facilities: the first specialises in testing photovoltaic solar panels, while the second focuses on CSP. The facility is currently testing 30 photovoltaic panel types from global specialist manufacturers to check the properties, analyse the results, and use them in research and development. It collaborates with international organisations on soiling and dust mitigation on photovoltaic equipment. The solar testing facility will focus on mitigating the effects of dust, understanding the physical and chemical properties of dust, testing new methods, understanding the effects of dust on photovoltaic panels, establishing challenges, enhancing reliability and performance, and developing technology to withstand the weather conditions of the region.

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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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