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For questions on Shams Dubai, DEWA First Smart Initiative, different email addresses are available to the public depending on the type of enquiry. Please ensure you select the right address for your queries, as each address is directed to a dedicated team.

(Please note that email size should be limited to 24 MB): 

For Customers: 

Please contact our Customer Happiness Center as shown below:

Division: I&TF

Department: Customer Happiness

Fax: 04-6019995


For Consultants and Contractors: 

Please contact our Connection Services Department as shown below:

Division: Distribution Power 

Department: Connection Services 

Section: Design Approval 

Fax: 04-3229094


•For questions regarding Electrical and DRRG Solar PV Consultant & Contractor Enrollment process: 

•For questions regarding DEWA Solar PV Certification Training: 

•For questions regarding clarifications and/or follow-up on project submittal of the Solar Technical Design Drawings and Approval submittal:


For Equipment Manufacturers: 

For questions regarding the Eligibility Scheme for Equipment Manufacturers:

For Safety Issues: 

For questions regarding safety issues related to installing, operating and maintaining a solar PV system: 

For Shams Dubai Regulation: 

For questions on the Shams Dubai DRRG Standards and Regulation:

For any Other Queries: 

For any other type of question: 

Division: Customer Service 

Department: Customer Relations 

Section: Customer Care Center 

Fax: 04-6019995 


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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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