Energy Audits Request

About Energy Audit Request

As part of DEWA’s efforts to help its customers to conserve electricity and water consumption within their buildings, energy efficiency engineers conduct site visits, namely walkthrough energy audits for customers’ premises, to promote efficient technologies and behavior regarding the electricity and water uses.

Through energy audits, energy efficiency engineers gather different data about all buildings’ facilities, including types of lighting lamps, ballasts, A/C equipment, water fixtures, and types of control for each facility in association with technical discussions with the relevant operational and maintenance staff in each building.

All the gathered information is analyzed to estimate the electricity and water conservation potential and identify the suitable conservation measures. All findings and recommended conservation measures are comprised in an executive audit report which is submitted to the customer for implementation.

Target Customers

Government, commercial and industrial customers, except residential customers.

Terms and conditions

  • The energy efficiency engineers conduct the site visit to customers’ buildings based on their request.
  • The engineers will be accompanied by the customer’s representative, either an operational or maintenance employee who is familiar with the installed equipment inside the building and their operation, control and maintenance.
  • The engineers will not touch, switch on, or switch off the equipment. They will only observe and ask the customer’s representative about all observed issues and how the equipment is being operated, controlled, maintained, and so forth.
  • The customer’s representative should provide the correct information about the building envelop, equipment, operations, maintenance, and any other details requested by the engineers.
  • Customer’s data collected is considered confidential and is used only for the sake of the audit.
  • After receiving the audit report, the customer should inform DEWA’s energy efficiency engineers about next steps, plans for implementation and the progress until completion of implementation. 

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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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