Refund through  IBAN = No fees.

Refund through cheques = AED 20.

*VAT will be charged as applicable.

Login / Registration:

Required for online requests.

Not required for requests made through Customer Happiness Centers.

Online procedure

Step 1: Log in with User Id and password.

Step 2:  Select the contract account.

Step 3: Select refund option.

Step 4:  Enter required information.

Step 5: Submit request.

You will receive an SMS & Email with notification number.

Offline procedure- Only for cheque

Step 1: Notify DEWA:

Notify through email/fax or personal visit at Customer Happiness Centre following details i.e.

  • Customer Account Number.
  • UAE Mobile Number.
  • Emirates ID.

In case of Companies: Authorization Letter from company duly stamped and signed.

Step 2: You will receive SMS/ Email with notification number.

Step 3: Refund will be processed via Cheque.

For more information about this service, view the frequently asked questions.

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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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