Final Bill Request (Move out)

This service helps all customers who required to request a Final Bill when moving out of their existing premise. After Settlement of Final Bill customers may request refund of their Security Deposit


Final Bill charges to be paid


Required for online requests. Not required for requests made through Customer Happiness Centres and Customer Care Centre.

Estimated Delivery Duration:

Final Bill is prepared within 2 working days from the date of disconnection.

Online Procedure

Step 1 :  Submit

Fill-in the online application form with required information and submit the application. On successful submission, a reference number will be provided which can be used for tracking the status of the application. If you are registered with our Customer e-services Portal, you can apply for the final bill by logging in with your user ID.


Step 2 :  Notification

SMS will be sent when the final bill is ready.

Offline Procedure

Step 1 :  Notify DEWA

Notify DEWA two days in advance through email/fax or personal visit before vacating the premises providing mandatory details i.e. 

  • Customer Account Number
  • Date when premises will be vacated
  • Contact Tel./Mobile Number
  • Valid Id for the account holder

Step 2 :  Final Bill Settlement

Make payment of final bill in cash and collect the receipt, or make request for adjustment of final bill payment through the security deposit


Step 3 :  Security Deposit Refund

Submit request for refund supported by 

Refund to Deposit Holder:

(1) Original Security Deposit Receipt

(2) Final Bill and Payment Receipt

Additional Requirements for:

(3) Valid ID of the Security Deposit Holder (B) Refund to Customer’s Representative

(4) Authorization Letter from deposit holder

(5) Valid ID of the deposit holder and authorized person

Refund to companies:

(1) Authorization Letter from company duly stamped and signed

For refund of Credit Balance in Final Bill the last original payment receipt are required to support the credit balance.


For more information about this service, view the frequently asked questions.

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