Noor and Hayat

Concept of "edutainment."

Noor & Hayat

After spending close to a decade championing the conservation of electricity and water on behalf of DEWA, Sparky and Splashy, the two lovable animated characters are passing on the baton.

Based on this, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has launched the new generation of cartoon characters that will continue the march of "Sparky" and "Splashy" to establish the concept of conservation among the younger generations.

The launch of the new characters “Hayat and Noor" which they symbolize for electricity and water, are considered a successful step in the framework of the DEWA’s efforts to involve children in the awareness campaigns, and in the framework of the concept of "edutainment."

Consequently, the emergence of the new characters highlights the extreme importance of electricity and water conservation that Dubai aims for, also highlights the great eagerness to inform the public on the global trend of different age groups.

Our new characters “Noor and Hayat” beside as well as their friends, the conservation champions Hamad, Dana, Adam, Maria and the  Amin, will cover conservation and educational aspect in a fun and exciting tone that's relevant to today.

The achievements of the last 10 years will now be taken a notch up. And you will be a part of it.

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