Power Factor Correction

Power factor (or PF) is the ratio of Active Power measured in kilowatts (kW) to Apparent Power measured in kilovolt - amperes (kVA). Power factor can either be lagging or leading and ranges from 0 to1, with a higher value representing a better power factor to enhance the efficiency of using energy. 

Power factor is the ratio of Active Power measured in kilowatts (kW) to Apparent Power measured in (kVA), Power factor ranges from 0 to 1, with a higher value representing a better power factor.

Apparent Power is the total power required to operate equipment and includes both active and reactive components, Active Power is the useful component which is converted into work, while Reactive Power is required to produce electromagnetic fields necessary for the operation of equipment (in case of induction loads) and is measured by kVAR. So, the Power Factor is a measure of how efficient your load is in using power delivered by an electricity utility.

Power factor correction capacitors are commonly used in industrial, commercial and other applications to improve the power factor when it is below 0.9 Capacitor banks are installed at three different levels in an electrical installation at the main switch board, at distribution points, or at the loads.

Dear customer, you can achieve the following benefits by correcting the power factor in your installation when it is below 0.9:

  • Contribute to reducing consumption.
  • Enhancing efficiency of electrical equipment.
  • Increased lifetime of electrical equipment.
  • Enhanced voltage profile.
  • Reduced internal distribution system losses.
  • Reduced Apparent Power of your loads, which will result in increasing available capacity (kVA) of the distribution network components (transformers, feeders, etc.)

To benefit from the advantages of power factor correction and to avoid the negative impact of low power factors:

  • Install capacitor banks at your installation.
  • Keep the power factor of your installation above 0.9 Lagging.

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