Sustainability Report

DEWA has been issuing sustainability reports since 2013 based on the world-class GRI Standards. DEWA is a member of GRI Gold Community and part of the Standards Pioneers Programme, being one of the first 100 organisations in the world to adopt the new standards for the 2016 report onwards.

The report summarises the materially relevant economic, environmental and social facts and reflects the ways in which we are fulfilling our long–term commitments towards sustainability, enabling us to communicate our sustainability to our stakeholders and to further enhance our dialogue with them.

DEWA’s annual Sustainability Report is a useful, transparent and reliable reference for all our achievements and efforts over the year to attain the goals of the UAE Centennial 2071, and the UAE Vision 2021 to make the UAE one of the best countries in the world.

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DEWA Sustainability Report 2018

PDF | 13 MB | 26/08/2019


DEWA Sustainability Report 2017

PDF | 8 MB | 15/08/2018


DEWA Sustainability Report 2016

PDF | 14 MB | 11/10/2017


DEWA Sustainability report 2015

PDF | 18 MB | 01/09/2016


DEWA Sustainability Report 2014

PDF | 8 MB | 11/05/2016


DEWA Sustainability report 2013

PDF | 15 MB | 10/05/2016


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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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