Conservation Award

The Conservation Award was first launched in 2005 for the educational sector in the Emirate of Dubai, to reflect DEWA’s keenness to raise awareness among students on the rational use of resources, and celebrate the best practices in reducing electricity and water consumption, in addition to honouring the educational institutions for their efforts to reduce wastage levels.

Through the Conservation Award, DEWA is targeting all educational institutions, believing that they are the perfect ground to cultivate the seeds of conservation until it grows and thrives in the community.

The award contributes to the environmental challenges facing the planet, by raising awareness levels among individuals about ways to increase efficiency in energy consumption and reduce wastage and conserve electricity and water.

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Distinguished Educational Institution Application Form

PDF | 359 KB | 10/01/2019


Distinguished Conservation Leader Application Form

PDF | 362 KB | 09/10/2018


Distinguished Conservation Project Application Form

PDF | 279 KB | 16/10/2018


Distinguished Conservation Team Application Form

PDF | 286 KB | 09/10/2018


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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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