Rationalise water consumption

Leaks can cause significant wastage and damage to properties. Check for any potential leaks in your bathrooms, kitchen, reservoirs, and swimming pools.

If you have a garden, opt for smart irrigation systems to cut down on consumption. Water used for watering gardens amounts to 50% of the total consumption in homes, with average property owners over-watering by 38%.

Smart irrigation systems can significantly reduce water bills as they take into account several factors, including temperature and soil and plant conditions to reduce over-watering.


• Be sure to water before 8am or after 6pm and in several short sessions rather than one long one

• Install moisture sensors in each irrigation zone (sunny, shady, etc.) to better determine irrigation needs

• Check sprinkler system valves periodically for leaks, and keep the sprinkler heads in good condition

• Adjust the timer on automatic sprinklers according to seasonal water demands and weather conditions

• Make sure your sprinkler only waters lawns, not pavements

• Install a drip irrigation system for watering gardens, trees, and shrubs.

• Use treated wastewater (Treated Sewage Effluent) from Dubai Municipality to irrigate your landscape


• Install aerators in bathroom and kitchen faucets and save about one gallon per minute. An aerator reduces the water flow from the faucet and mixes air with the water to maintain the pressure

• Use aerators with a flow rate of 2 L/min for public areas such as ablution chambers and washrooms

• Install a high-efficiency showerhead to save about one gallon of water per minute

• Periodically check the aerators to make sure that they are reducing water flow and replace them when they are not working effectively

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Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Majlis

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