Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | DEWA showcases its latest smart services and innovative projects during GITEX Technology Week 2021

20 October 2021

DEWA showcases its latest smart services and innovative projects during GITEX Technology Week 2021

DEWA showcases its latest smart services and innovative projects during GITEX Technology Week 2021

During its participation in the 41st GITEX Technology Week, held at the Dubai World Trade Centre from 17-21 October 2021, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) showcased a variety of its major projects and smart innovative initiatives at its stands at S2-J1 at Sheikh Saeed Hall. Additionally, DEWA also showcased projects by its digital arm, Digital DEWA, and other projects by its subsidiaries, most notably:

Digital DEWA

  • Smart City Experience

A 4D experience that will allow GITEX visitors to experience Digital DEWA’s multiple smart city technologies.

Data Hub Integrated Solutions LLC (Moro)

  • Moro Cloud

A resilient and secure, multi-tenant cloud, which is hosted locally in the UAE. It offers various cloud services on a single platform that is supported with the highest level of SLAs.

  • Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services work around the clock to monitor and intercept cyber attacks using the latest digital security systems through the Cyber Security Centre of the Smart Cities Command and Control Centre.

  • Managed & Professional Services

Through the Managed & Professional Services, Moro Hub provides the latest services for the development and management of technical infrastructure for customers, as it offers an integrated model that guarantees the highest degree of command and control by predicting, monitoring and reporting outages directly if they occur via a central control platform.

Infra X

It offers services in Advanced Infrastructure Services and Connectivity and IoT Services, including the 5G network services that use the latest advanced computing solutions in the utility sector.

Digital X

  • GoBe Robots

GoBe Robots offer customers audio-visual direct connectivity with the employees of the Customer Care Centre via video technology.

  • Dropbox

A smart box with an application that serves homeowners and is used to drop any shipments at home without any human interaction. The application will send home details to the carrier, including the access code for Dropbox.

Besides projects launched by Digital DEWA and other subsidiaries, DEWA’s stand includes the following:

DEWA’s space programme Space-D

DEWA’s space programme Space-D includes the launch of a satellite constellation to support its main satellite. These are manufactured by Emiratis at the Research and Development (R&D) Centre of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. The system features a ground station at the Solar Park as well as IoT and AI technologies to support ground communication transmission stations across the grid. By deploying this infrastructure, DEWA seeks to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its planning and operations, and enhance preventive maintenance at its production, transmission, distribution divisions as well as its smart grids, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Virtual Reality Training Simulator for Distribution Network Switches and Operations

A solution that leverages VR technology to train field staff on different actions, activities and scenarios.

GIS Advanced Analytics & Decision-Making Apps:

A portfolio of advanced GIS tools and dashboards that help in decision making and advanced analytics, with features such as navigation planning to allow operation teams to carry out highly efficient maintenance missions, and People of Determination dashboard.

Flying Eagle Robotic Aircraft Real-Time Flight Centre System:

An integrated, central system to manage drones, and data during operations, such as surveying warehouses, yards, main and sub-stations, power lines, and water pipes, to monitor the movement of materials and personnel to secure sites and prevent unauthorised entry.

Automation of Information Security Domain Naming System:

Allows an automated scan of the certifications and activities to identify potential problems in accessing the URLs under DEWA’s domain

Immersion Cooling:

A method for cooling data centre IT hardware by directly immersing the hardware in a non-conductive liquid, which reduces the need for other components that are common in traditional cooling methods.

Innovation Centre:

DEWA’s R&D Centre is located at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, the largest single-site solar park in the world. It is a leading global hub for renewable and clean energy innovation that is expected to shape the global future of sustainable energy. Through the Innovation Centre, DEWA aims to support innovation and creativity in clean and renewable energy, promote sustainability, develop Emirati talent and enhance the UAE’s competitiveness in this promising sector.

Smart Living:

DEWA’s Smart Living initiative helps customers who have smart meters to monitor their electricity and water consumption on a yearly, monthly, and daily basis. In addition, the initiative provides digital dashboards to monitor consumption through DEWA’s smart application and website, in addition to providing advice to rationalise consumption and developing proactive plans in this regard. Moreover, My Sustainable Living programme lets customers regularly check, compare and monitor their electricity and water consumption in comparison with similar efficient homes in their area. The initiative also offers the Away Mode, enabling residential customers to monitor their electricity and water use when they are not at home or travelling.

Universal Service Centre:

The Universal Service Centre is a pioneering step in reshaping the future of services, as it will offer a fully digital experience that provides comprehensive, reliable and secure services to customers. The centre adopts the latest AI technologies to help customers complete their transactions, as well as digital interactive solutions for customers to communicate remotely with representatives of the concerned departments such as finance, human resources, contracts, procurement, and legal affairs.

EV Green Charger:

Through its EV Green Charger initiative, DEWA has around 300 charging stations for electric vehicles in various locations across Dubai. DEWA provides the electric vehicle charging service to enable customers with DEWA accounts, and a Guest Mode for guest users to start charging their vehicles by scanning the QR code at DEWA Green Charger stations. DEWA allows all EV owners to use Green Charger services when they register at the RTA. As soon as the RTA registration is complete, DEWA instantly creates an electric vehicle account for them.

Smart Office:

The app allows DEWA employees to complete the internal approvals process to ensure workflow around the clock. Smart Office includes a shared folder that gives the employees access to their saved files on DEWA’s network. It also provides a control panel that gives DEWA’s top management access to performance indicators instantly to support decision making. Smart Office also provides Smart Document service to document and follow up official documents to get needed approvals. It provides for DEWA’s Employees of Determination Absher service to submit and follow up their requests easily. Smart Office provides many other services such the electronic portal Khadamatech so DEWA’s employees can submit support requests easily.

Shams Dubai Calculator:

Shams Dubai Calculator allows customers to estimate potential electricity production by installing photovoltaic panels leveraging the Shams Dubai initiative launched by DEWA to encourage household and building owners to install PV panels to generate electricity, and connect them to DEWA’s grid. The electricity is used on site and the surplus is exported to DEWA’s network. Through the calculator, they can check the potential savings that can be achieved, and the carbon emissions that can be avoided to make Dubai greener and more sustainable. Until mid-September 2021, 6,833 solar systems were connected to the grid, with a total capacity of approximately 353 megawatts in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Automation of Bank Guarantee RPA:

DEWA successfully digitised all its business process with Emirates NBD, that traditionally uses large quantities of paper. DEWA has changed the bank guarantee management process to become completely paperless. This reduces the time to complete these transactions by 80%, compared to the conventional method. It also minimises errors and improves performance.

The four-legged Spot Robots

The four-legged Spot Robots are used in detecting faults, testing connection points of high-voltage cables, detecting leakage in water pipes, conducting security patrols, ensuring construction works are aligned with specifications using multiple-angle cameras, and managing different facilities such as warehouses, in addition to helping people of determination.


DEWA’s virtual employee, Rammas, uses Artificial Intelligence to help customers and answer their enquiries in Arabic and English across DEWA’s seven service channels, including DEWA’s smart app (iOS and Android platforms), DEWA’s website, DEWA’s social media channels, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, robots, and WhatsApp Business.