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Information Accessibility through DEWA’s website and Smart App

Information Accessibility

DEWA is working to make it easier for People of Determination to access information on its website and smart application and meet the standards of Smart Dubai Government, where the website accessibility for People of Determination is rated 94%. The smart application also received a score of 11/10 in 2019, according to the following:

DEWA's Website DEWA's Smart App
  • Website accessibility for People of Determination has reached 94% as per the Smart Dubai Government Standards in 2019.
  • The color of the website may be changed to suit customers who have color blindness.
  • The font can be enlarged to facilitate reading for the visually-impaired.
  • An accessibility feature and image description to help POD customers get information on an image by clicking on it.
  • A shortcut feature that reduces texts and facilitates navigation between web pages.
  • Detailed explanationand alternative texts in DEWA’s videos.
  • "Asher" (service for instant Video chat using sign language) and "Hayyak & Rammas" 24/7 (written and visual conversation service).
  • Adding a page on DEWA’s website for POD.
  • The smart application accessibility for People of Determination scored 11/10 as per Smart Dubai Government Standards in 2019.
  • The application is characterised by an easy-to-navigate list and user guide that explains the use of the application..
  • The smart application is distinguished by being compatible with mobile devices applications in terms of updated software to ensure the following: Screen reader, application display on different screen sizes and in different directions to remain consistent for any screen size and direction.
  • Providing easy ways to enter data by providing selected lists, radio buttons, check boxes, or by automatically entering known information such as date, time, and location.
  • DEWA’s Smart App uses the latest technologies available on phones and smart devices, including the feature of changing the screen color to suit the needs of customers with visual impairment.
  • Adding the interactive voice chat feature in Arabic and English on Rammas.
  • Adding a new category to DEWA Store, to meet the needs of POD.
  • "Asher" (service for instant Video chat using sign language) and "Hayyak & Rammas" 24/7 (written and visual conversation service).

You can view the features of easy access to DEWA’s website by selecting the “Ease of Navigation” page or clicking on this link.

Please refer back to Accessibility, page from 8-11, to view guidelines of the dubai smart government for information Accessibility.

Inclusive Smart Services

Smart Services

Redesigning Future & Customer Happiness Centres
Smart services to include POD
  • Future & Customer Happiness Centres meet the Dubai Universal Code of Deisgn by 100%.
  • 100% of DEWA’s receptionist are eligible to deal with POD customers. 10 employees hold a sign language diploma.
  • Update DEWA’s Customer Guide to include POD, and print copies in Braille (latest update 2019).
  • An educational video about DEWA’s services with sign language is displayed on the main screens at the Customer Happiness Centres.
  • A tactile audio map and a directional tactile paving for visually-impaired.
  • Special counter and priority in queue for POD.
  • Wheelchairs for POD at all Customer Happiness Centres.
  • Emergency evacuation chair at all Customer Happiness Centres.
  • Drive-through service for payment.
  • Dedicated parking spaces for POD and a phone number dedicated to helping them in the parking lot in addition to the free valet parking service.
  • Allocating an inclusive private service port for People of Determination with a priority of providing service to them
  • Benefits for holders of Sanad and Thakhr Cards.
  • Adding the interactive voice chat feature in Arabic and English on Rammas and adding enhancements to the service such as "text reader feature, happiness index, and customer experience questionnaire."
  • "Asher" Provides live video chats in sign language.
  • Hayyak” is the online text chat service by DEWA’s Call Centre staff.
  • Smart Response: is an innovative initiative to enhance “responding to Electricity/Water technical notifications,” which targets all DEWA business & individual customers, with special focus and priority to Senior Citizens, People of Determination and People on life-support equipment.
  • Beam Robot, which uses both audio and video to connect with the customers of DEWA’s future happiness centers and respond to their enquiries from qualified employees and enable POD to communicate directly with the Future Happiness Centre.
  • VIP Customer Service: Adding customers of determination to the list of non-cutting periodic service.

To view the list of DEWA’s Happiness Centres for People of Determination as well as their locations and contact information, please click here.

Learn more about DEWA’s inclusive Services.

Easy access to DEWA’s buildings and facilities

Easy access to DEWA’s buildings and facilities

DEWA made it easier for its customers who are People of Determination to access its facilities, buildings, and services through the redesign and modification of all its facilities and buildings to be 100% compliant with the Dubai Universal Design Code.

To view the Dubai Universal Design Code click here.

DEWA also provides its Customers and Employees of Determination with smart systems and support services that helps them to easily access information and various services within DEWA’s buildings including:

  • Braille Maps with Voice Notification: Interactive maps with an audio notification to provide People of Determination with information and directions. The maps include Braille writing and embossed letters along with audio instructions.
  • Navigation Application: A smart application that works on smart devices to help users easily find to their intended destination by displaying an interactive map that shows the directions and areas. The application has a voice notification feature that provides easily understandable information in several languages.
  • Hearing Loops: The hearing loop is a special type of hearing aid which is used by People of Determination with hearing disabilities. The hearing loop interacts with their hearing aids by sending electromagnetic waves by which the sound transmitted is clear and filtered from any background noise.