Harmonic Assessment (Hab-Reeh)

Harmonic Assessment (Hab-Reeh)

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Harmonic Assessment

DEWA is committed to supply electricity of high power quality throughout its network to ensure premium performance, efficiency, capacity, and life span of electrical components on utility and customers’ sides. DEWA is keen to evaluate the impact of harmonics emission from Shams Dubai projects on the power quality of network at two stages; Design Approval stage, then Inspection and Connection stage (for capacities >100 kWac). 

In light of the above, DEWA has developed Hab-Reeh Service, that enables Shams Dubai Customers (Builder) to assess ‘themselves’ the harmonics emission of their low voltage solar designs at Design Approval stage before submitting to DEWA. With this Service,  Shams Dubai Customers will be able to avoid submitting Design Approval applications that might fail to fulfil DEWA standards of power quality. 

Hab-Reeh Service, offers  unlimited design options with any combination of solar inverters on DEWA list of eligible equipment. This saves considerable amount of time.

We are excited to announce that Hab-Reeh services have now been integrated with the "Getting solar permit and connection" service. This integration allows DRRG solar pv & electrical consultants and contractors to seamlessly complete their harmonic assessment and design approval submission in one easy step which streamline your workflow with our user-friendly platform.effort and cost for Shams Dubai builders and owners. 

Additionally, Hab-Reeh Service is also available to anonymous users who visit DEWA website and are interested in this area. Click here to use the Service.