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Cyber Security

DEWA Cyber Security Awareness

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Password Security

Strong passwords play a major role in protecting your information and data from digital threats.

Always follow the tips below to maintain your privacy and secrecy of your passwords:

  • Create a strong and easy to remember password
  • Create unique and different passwords for your accounts
  • Avoiding writing down or sharing your password ensures its secrecy
  • Avoid using personal information in your passwords such as your name or birth date
  • Change your password regularly
  • Use Multi-factor Authentication (like UAE PASS) to login to your account
  • Access your account from your personal or designated trusted devices in DEWA customer happiness center
  • Always make sure you log out from your accounts
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Safe Payment Methods

Be aware of bill payment fraud.

Ensure your safe payments:

  • Connect to trusted secure networks to conduct payments
  • Use DEWA’s official payment channels
  • You may also use the smart channels of DEWA partners. To view the trusted payment channels list, click here
  • In case of any unauthorised payment, call your bank immediately
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Fake Callers

Be aware of unknown phone numbers calling you and verify the identity of the caller before providing any information. Those phone calls might be scam as it’s called “Vishing”, that aims to get you to share personal information, where the callers pretend to be from a known and trusted organisation.

How to prevent falling for a vishing scam:

  • Avoid providing any personal information through the phone and remember official organisation will never ask you for personal confidential information
  • Pay attention to the caller’s language and think before responding
  • Be aware and verify any phone numbers the caller gives you to confirm their identity and never call them
  • Always remember DEWA has a (caller ID( and will always use it to contact you from the Customer Care Centre
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Safe Social Networking

Social networking accounts are a great way to stay connected and updated with the latest news. However, always be aware of fake social media posts and refer to the official social accounts of DEWA for accurate information.