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Hydroelectric Power Plant in Hatta

The hydroelectric power station in Hatta is the first of its kind in the GCC region. The 250MW station will generate electricity by making use of the water stored in Hatta Dam. It will have a storage capacity of 1,500 MWh and a life span of 80 years.
The hydroelectric power station will use water in the Hatta Dam and an upper reservoir that is being built in the mountain. During off-peak hours, advanced turbines will use clean energy to pump water from the dam to the upper reservoir. Turbines operated by the speed of the waterfall from the upper reservoir will be used to generate electricity through a 1.2 kilometre subterranean water canal, with high efficiency in power generation and storage of up to 78.9% and with a 90-second response to demand for electricity.

Dubai Mountain Summit & Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls

Dubai Mountain Summit & Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls

DEWA is implementing two projects in Hatta: the Dubai Mountain Peak and the Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls. The Dubai Mountain Peak project includes the construction of a 5.4-kilometre cable car to transport tourists to the summit of Um Al-Nesoor. At 1,300 metres above sea level, it is the highest natural summit in Dubai. The project is expected to be a major tourist attraction in the UAE. The cable car route passes over the Hatta Dam Lake and the Upper Dam Lake for the hydroelectric power station, as well as through mountains, ending at the summit of Um Al Nesoor mountain. The Hatta Sustainable Waterfalls project will use the slope of the upper dam to create a natural waterfall. A waterway will be built along the parking area below the dam. The water used in the waterfall will be collected at the end of the stream, recycled, and pumped back to the top of the dam. Fish bred in the stream will provide an additional attraction for tourists and families.