Manage Collective Billing

Manage Collective Billing

Collective Billing

This service enables you to request for Collective Billing that facilitates for organizations and corporate customers who have 9 or more DEWA accounts. Customer can view the details of collective bill after the next invoicing only.


Not Required.

Login / Registration:

  • Required for online requests.
  • Not required for requests made through Customer Care Center.

Estimated Delivery Duration:

Once the application is approved, the bills will be sent in one lot at end of the month starting from the next month of approval.

Online Procedure

Step 1 : Online Application Submission 

Fill-in the online application form with required information. Attach required documents and submit the application. On successful submission, a notification number will be provided which can be used for tracking the status of the application:

Official Letter

List of Accounts

Guarantee Letter (Government Only).

Step 2 : Application Status Tracking and Notifications

You will receive SMS and e-mail notifications regarding the progress of the application (submission, rejection, approval). In addition to notifications, the status of the application can also be tracked online through the tracking page of the e-service. Access tracking page and enter the application notification number to check the status of the application.

Step 3 : Service Delivery 

Once the application is Approved, the new Collective Account number will be sent by e-mail.