Electricity Connection Cost Calculator

Electricity Connection Cost Calculator

‘Slab unit rate – per kW’ connection cost for Getting Electricity

In continuation to our ongoing improvements and simplification of the connection-cost estimation process, which has been changed to the per kW unit rate system up to 400 kW, DEWA is extending the implementation process for connection requirements to all projects, without load limitation. The new system enables fast & easy calculation of connection cost, and assures more transparency & fairness, as it is based on total connected load only, regardless of cables length, route or equipment required for power connection.

Effective from 1st January 2017 the slab unit rate – per kW shall be implemented for all projects without any limitations to the Total Conned Load requirements.

Brief description of the system:

The slab unit rate system is a simple fully automated system to calculate the connection costs using the per kW rates.

The connected load bands as per the 14 slabs and the applicable rate for loads within each band will be published by DEWA.

The connection costs for ‘Getting Electricity’ is automatically calculated by DEWA system using the TCL (Total Connected load) specified by customer and approved by DEWA. The TCL is divided in to the respective bands of applicable slabs and rates are applied for connected loads in each slabs, thereby cumulative connection cost is arrived automatically through the system.

The 14 bands of TCL in each of the 14 slabs is given below:-

For more information, you may contact our Technical Enquiry Desk on: 04-3229999, or through email: dp.enquiries@dewa.gov.ae