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Al Namoos "ONE STEP" Getting Electricity

Al Namoos "ONE STEP" Getting Electricity

What is Al Namoos Service for Getting Electricity?

Exclusively for Consultants or Contractors

DEWA launched Al Namoos (Emirati dialect for those who win in races) service in December 2014. It has been enhanced to provide electricity connections in just one step within 5 days, for commercial, industrial & residential projects up to 150 Kw.

Al Namoos Service - Procedures

Al Namoos Projects are classified by DEWA as per the following criteria:

  • Permanent & new connections to the premises.
  • Load up to 150 kW.
  • Power supply from DEWA’s existing network.

Electrical contractor or consultant applies for Al Namoos Service for Getting Electricity to obtain Low Voltage inspection and DEWA will carry out the external works, meter installation and final connection.

Time to complete - 5 days.

Benefits to the customer

Benefits to the Customers

  • For industrial, commercial and residential customers, no advance connection charges (Connection charges will be included in the first consumption bill after power connection).
  • Fast track service with ONE STEP..

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