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The Customer Happiness Charter has been developed so we can engage with you in a more meaningful way by adopting best practices in responsible customer Happiness, and providing innovative and smart solutions to make you happier. It sets our benchmarks and defines your service expectations, fostering engaged stakeholder participation to ensure excellence of government services. The charter is in line with ISO 10001:2018, The International Digital Customer Experience Standard (IDCXS 2022) and Global Star Rating System for Services. DEWA is committed to excellence in service provision that not only attains your happiness but also exceeds your expectations. In 2011 DEWA adopted the Customer Service Charter, launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, which comprises the following: 


  • We will treat you with fairness, courtesy, respect and a smile
  • We will cater to your needs with high standards, professionalism, transparency and to the best of our ability
  • We will provide our services through a qualified, helpful and knowledgeable team that is understanding and capable of answering your enquiries
  • We will provide you with accurate service & pricing information and requirements, realistic expectations and completion time for each service
  • We will provide you with multichannel services, bill payment channels and security deposit refund channels for your convenience around the clock
  • We will provide our services through channels supported by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • We welcome your input, feedback and suggestions to enhance our services
  • We are committed towards the privacy of your information and data
  • We will treat People of Determination according to the highest service levels
  • We are committed towards following precautionary instructions and procedures according to highest specifications of occupational health and safety during pandemic and crisis situations and providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers
  • We will provide innovative solutions to meet your service requirements
  • We are committed towards following sustainable practices for the delivery of electricity and water services and the provision of clean energy
  • We are committed towards informing and educating you about our digital services, conservation tips and other vital services, procedures and relevant information
  • We are committed to practicing high principles in all our service delivery and media channels
  • We are committed to conducting regular research in order to exceed your expectations


  • We ask you to appreciate the efforts of our employees and treat them with mutual respect
  • We ask you to provide us with the required information when requested
  • We ask you to inform us immediately of any changes to information provided, or in case of any error
  • We ask you to respect the privacy of our employees and adhere to the Authority’s rules.
  • We ask you to adhere to precautionary instructions and procedures during pandemic and crisis situations while entering customer happiness centers and dealing with staff
  • We ask you to inform us immediately of any changes that may affect our service provision
  • We ask you to respond in a timely manner to queries from our employees to ensure timely and quality service
  • We ask you to comply with DEWA procedures, policies and regulations to the services provided
  • We ask you to adhere to the conditions and rules for using social media channels and Digital channels
  • We ask you to provide feedback about the services and channels experiences either directly by DEWA or through awarded market research companies for improvement purposes

You can contact us directly through the following channels:

DEWA Website

All our digital services are available 24/7

  • "Hayak" - Online text chat
  • Chat with Rammas


DEWA Smart App

All our digital services are available 24/7

  • "Hayak" - Online text chat with the option of video chat
  • "Ash'ir" - Live video chat service in sign language for people of determination with hearing disability
  • Chat with Rammas


Customer Care Centre available 24/7: Through Call or IVR

  • 04 601 9999 (Customer Services),
  • 991 (Emergency/Technical Notifications)

WhatsApp through Rammas:

+9714 601 9999


Customer Happiness Centres (Self Services):

For more information about the timings and locations of our Centres please visit

04 - The Unified Interactive Platform between Dubai Government and its Customers
(for suggestions, comments, and complaints):

We'll resolve your complaints and respond to your suggestions and comments within 3 working days

Social Media:


Ref #: 6.1.3 Manage Customer Charter Version #: 12 Date: March, 2024