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Getting Solar Permits & Connections

Service Description

This service enables DEWA enrolled Solar Consultants / Contractors are able to apply for Solar Permits & Connections through the system after uploading required documents and technical drawings, for obtaining Solar NOC, Solar Design approval, /Invoice of DEWA. Customers are also able to track the status of their applications and interact with DEWA during the project progress stages.

Service Category & Type

  • Subsidiary
  • Procedural

Customer Segment

  • Contractors
  • Consultants

Service Integrations

  • N/A

Service Partners

  • N/A


  • N/A

Service Limitations

  • N/A


  • System will automatically generate application reference number (S-0xxxxx)
  • Application status can be tracked on-line/ Smart App
  • Technical discussion supports feature is available on DEWA website (

Service Requirements


2. Solar Module , Solar Inverter and Interface protection unit details to be furnished (If the product is not in DEWA List)*

3. Design assessment input form in excel format (.XLSX format only)*

4. Total connected load max. demand/MDB/SMDB etc... schedule incorporating existing load/KWh meters, proposed solar generation meter etc... (PDF format only) *

5. Single line diagram of proposed grid tie solar PV system indicating KWh meters, inverters, interface protection system, low voltage distribution system etc... (PDF format only) *

6. Site setting lay-out indicating the location of proposed solar panels, associated equipment, KWh metering etc... (PDF format only) 

7. Production details( KWp and KWh annum.) (PDF format only) * 

8. Installation details of proposed solar generation meter, PV panels ,inverters, MDBs/SMDBs etc... (PDF format only) *

9. Wiring lay-out and Sizing of PV system elements(string design, inverters, solar cables, breakers, etc...) (PDF format only) *

10. Explicit acceptance and agreement to the terms and Conditions of the Connection Agreement (PDF format only)”

Service Steps & Procedures

  • Apply online through DEWA website ( for Design Approval
  • Notify for inspections:
    • Stage-1: Without interconnection inspection
    • Stage-2: with interconnection inspection
  • Submission of performance test report for the connection above 100KWp.

Service Fees

  • Free

Service Channels

Service Delivery Time

  • Solar Permit: 11 Working days
  • Inspection:

    • Without Interconnection Inspection:  1 Working Day from the inspection requested date.

      With Interconnection Inspection: 1 Working Day from the inspection requested date.

Journey Map

This service enables DEWA enrolled Solar Consultants / Contractors are able to apply for Solar Permits & Connections through the system after uploading required documents and technical drawings, for obtaining Solar NOC, Solar Design approval, /Invoice of DEWA. Customers are also able to track the status of their applications and interact with DEWA during the project progress stages.

Project Owner
Contractor / Consultant
Getting Service Information
Project Owner
Getting Service Information
  • I search for information related to Getting Solar Permit and Connection
  • I assign DEWA-enrolled Solar Consultant/Contractor
Applying for the Serivce
Contractor / Consultant
Applying for the Service
  • I log-in to DEWA website
  • I fill-in service application and upload all required documents. Upon submission I receive a confirmation message with reference number of the request

Applying Solar connection in DEWA Portal   New     

Solar Demonstration Video  New  

Interaction During Processing
Contractor / Consultant
Notifications and Technical Discussion

  • I receive a notification once the application is approved/returned/rejected 
  • * When application is returned, I receive a detailed email of return reasons, then I request for technical discussion (if required) and I re-submit the application
  • Upon application approval, I receive a notification that the NOC is issued with attached certificate. NOC can also be viewed and downloaded from the portal
Project Owner
Estimation Payment
  • Upon application approval, I receive a notification once the estimate is ready. And I get the invoice/estimation
  • I pay the connection cost amount through any of DEWA payment channels, and I receive payment confirmation notification through Email/SMS
Contractor / Consultant
Without Inter-Connection

  • I initiate Without Inter-connection Inspection on Site readiness
  • I receive notification with inspection date & time
  • Once the "Without Inter-Connection" inspection is done, I receive the inspection results (approve/snag list) 
  • * If there were snags, I complete the snags/rectification works and request for re-inspection
Completing Service Interaction
Contractor / Consultant
Completing Service Interaction
  • I receive a call from DEWA to confirm the date & time of meter installation and supply release
  • I receive the meter and solar connection and I get notified upon supply release
  • I submit the "With Inter-Connection" inspection request, and once the inspection is done, I receive the inspection results (approved/snag list). And then I submit performance test report.

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