Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | Getting Solar Permits & Connections

Getting Solar Permits & Connections

Getting Solar Permits & Connections

DEWA enrolled Solar Consultants / Contractors are able to apply for Solar Permits & Connections through the system after uploading required documents and technical drawings, for obtaining Solar NOC, Solar Design approval, /Invoice of DEWA. Customers are also able to track the status of their applications and interact with DEWA during the project progress stages.

Further after installation, apply separately for technical inspections, meter installation & release of solar connection.

1. Log in to consultants and Contractors portal

2. Select Getting Solar Permits & Connections

3. Upload required design documents and submit 

Required documents:

1. Affection plan (required only if project falling in Dubai free zone areas)

2. Solar Module , Solar Inverter and Interface protection unit details to be furnished (If the product is not in DEWA List)*

3. Design assessment input form in excel format (.XLSX format only)*

4. Total connected load max. demand/MDB/SMDB etc... schedule incorporating existing load/KWh meters, proposed solar generation meter etc... (PDF format only) *

5. Single line diagram of proposed grid tie solar PV system indicating KWh meters, inverters, interface protection system, low voltage distribution system etc... (PDF format only) *

6. Site setting lay-out indicating the location of proposed solar panels, associated equipment, KWh metering etc... (PDF format only) *

7. Production details( KWp and KWh annum.) (PDF format only) *

8. Installation details of proposed solar generation meter, PV panels ,inverters, MDBs/SMDBs etc... (PDF format only) *

9. Wiring lay-out and Sizing of PV system elements(string design, inverters, solar cables, breakers, etc...) (PDF format only) *

10. Explicit acceptance and agreement to the terms and Conditions of the Connection Agreement (PDF format only)”

Delivery Duration:

11 working days

Solar – Inspection & Connection

Enrolled Solar Consultants and Contractors can track their ‘Solar Permits & Connections’ status, pay for connection charges and inform DEWA about the site readiness for inspection, in order to connect RRGP to DEWA Distribution Network.

1. Log in to consultants and Contractors portal

2. Select track your application and ‘Solar Permits & Connections’ from dropdown, then search.

3. Select without interconnection inspection’ or with interconnection inspection’ or submission of ‘performance test report’ as applicable and submit for inspection / re-inspection for connection.