General Guideline Procurement


You can learn about and participate online in our local and international tenders on our website.

For online access to any of DEWA’s tenders, you need to a vendor username and password, which can be obtained by registering your company online or manually in our vendor list.

  • To register as a vendor, please download the New Vendor Registration manual available at the DEWA Website.

If you are a registered vendor on the DEWA website, you can now:

  • Make online responses or bids for DEWA.
  • Acknowledge purchase orders by vendor.
  • Make advance notifications for shipping acknowledged purchase orders.
  • Make online service entries for completed services.

What you need to do to enquire about local purchases:

You must provide the following documents when making local purchase section enquiries. Registered suppliers, firms and companies can make quotes online using our website. Please note that when submitting an offer, suppliers must provide price validity, offer type and any other necessary information, including the following.

The required document to register the company:

  • Valid copy of trade licence.
  • Valid copy of Dubai Chamber of Commerce certificate./li>
  • Valid copy of Mohammed bin Rashid Establishment for Young Business Leadership Membership (if available).
  • Copy of local owner’s passport.
  • Company profile.

Contact Information

By Phone

By E-mail

Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management


During working hours (07:30-14:30 Gulf Standard Time)

We will reply within 2 working days

Response Submission Process

This service helps the suppliers to receive enquiries and submit proposals online.


Not Required.


Required for online requests.

Online Procedure

Step 1: Sending Online, alternate, or regret quotations 

Fill in the required quotation by giving rate per quantity, quotation validity, remarks, discounts and any other attachment. Confirm the offer and then submit the form. On successful submission, a quotation reference number will be provided. (No amendments can be made on the submitted quotations).

Attachment Information:

Purchase-offer-related document (optional).

Step 2: Track quotations and notifications 

Submitted quotations are available for information only on the web. E-mail reminders are sent to the suppliers before the closing date.

Step 3: Service Delivery: 

Once an application is selected by DEWA, an LPO will be uploaded to the DEWA web portal with an e-mail sent to the registered e-mail address.

Contact Information

By Phone

By E-mail

Suppliers Relationship Management

Suppliers Relationship Management


During working hours (07:30-14:30 Gulf Standard Time)

We will reply within 2 working days

Online Services

Overview of Online Processes

DEWA is always looking to improve its business processes to satisfy its stakeholders. One of the ways we are doing this is by automating our manual processes.

A range of our services for our suppliers and vendors are now available online, such as the submission of quotations, purchase order acknowledgements, advanced shipping notifications and online service entry sheets.

Purchase Order Acknowledgment

All suppliers and vendors have to acknowledge purchase orders on the suppliers’ self-service portal. This is mandatory and a prerequisite for the next steps.

Advanced Shipping Notification

The Advanced Shipping Notification (ASN) is a document that provides detailed information about an upcoming delivery. The purpose of an ASN is to notify DEWA when shipping occurs, provide physical characteristics about the shipment and any special handling equipment so DEWA can be prepared to accept delivery.

It is mandatory for suppliers to supply the ASN, otherwise DEWA will be unable to receive the physical goods.

Online Service Entry Sheet

The services performed by a vendor need to be entered in the Service Entry Sheet and refer to the respective purchase order. The service entry sheet will then be routed through the approval process.

The process will help improve the overall payment cycle.

If you are a new user, 
  • To register for a new username and password, please click here.

If you are an existing user, 
  • Click here to log in to Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).

Procurement RFx

To view more details about Procurement RFx, please visit the link.