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Smart Living

Happiness begins with Smart Living
and Smart Choices

DEWA’s Smart Living initiative helps you monitor your consumption easily and make smart decisions to reduce consumption and live a happier life.

Log into your account on DEWA’s smart app or website and make use of the many features we provide for you:

Understand Your Bill:

Understand the details of your bill to better manage your consumption.

Receive High Water Usage Alert:

With this alert, you will be notified of any high-water usage that could indicate possible internal water leakage.

Compare Your Consumption with Similar Homes:

 Compare your electricity and water consumption with similar homes to help you conserve your consumption.

Enjoy Exclusive Offers for Smart Living:

Turn your home to a smart one through exclusive offers on smart devices through DEWA Store.

Activate "Away Mode":

This feature helps you to monitor your electricity and water consumption closely and advise in case of unusual consumption while you are away.

Smart Living League:

Smart Living competition is a community engaging competition derived from the Smart Living initiative that aims to promote a rational sustainable energy consumption lifestyle among all society members in Dubai. The Smart Living initiative empowers customers to proactively monitor, manage and control their usage of electricity and water by enabling them to witness the impact of their lifestyle choices on their consumption

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