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D33 Industry Friendly Power Policy FAQs

1. What is the Dubai Economic Agenda D33?

The Dubai Economic Agenda D33 aims to double the size of Dubai's economy within a decade and position it among world’s top three global cities. It comprises 100 transformational projects aimed at driving economic growth and development.

2. What is D33 Industry Friendly Power policy?

The D33 Industry Friendly Power policy aims to:

  • Allow industry to reduce cost of doing business and achieve clean energy targets.
  • Enable Dubai to accelerate decarbonization and achieve net zero, while reducing dependence on natural gas for production of electricity.
  • Make Dubai an attractive destination for manufacturing investments (especially smart manufacturing) and generate an additional AED 58 billion of Manufacturing-Value-Added by 2033.

3. Who is eligible for the D33 Industry Friendly Power policy benefits?

To be eligible for the D33 Industry Friendly Power policy benefits, companies must obtain a D33 eligibility certificate issued jointly by Dubai Economy and Tourism Department (DET), Department of Finance (DOF) and DEWA. This certificate is available for industrial customers, Agri-tech enterprises and Data Centers, who are currently securing (or plan to secure) 100% of their total energy requirement from DEWA grid and from new captive PV solar generation.

4. What are the benefits of the D33 Industry Friendly Power policy?

Under this policy, DEWA is offering pioneering programs and benefits as follows:

  • an additional distributed renewable resources (solar PV) generation beyond current Shams Dubai initiative.
  • 25% Reduction in New Connection Charges and an interest-free credit facility to pay the charges in 2 years or by date of energization, whichever is earlier.
  • Priority for I-RECs Purchases

5. What is the validity period of D33 Eligibility Certificate?

The validity of D33 Eligibility Certificate is 10 years from the date of its issuance.

6. What happens when excess feed-in power is generated by D33 customer?

Feed-in power generated by D33 Companies will be procured and compensated by DEWA at a flat rate of 10.5 Fils/kwh, subject to certain conditions. E.g., No payment will be made for feed-in power during the winter season, (from December to February) or during emergencies or system maintenance/other grid constraints, or where it exceeds the permitted maximum load in that plot. Feed-in power in violation of applicable conditions will not be eligible for payment.

7. What is the process for new connections under the D33 Industry Friendly Power policy?

Eligible D33 Companies applying for new connections are entitled to a flat 25% discount on the standard DEWA connection charge. Discount is not applicable for connections for fit-out, temporary/construction connections, Solar PV connection, equipment rental etc. Companies are eligible for an interest-free credit period to pay the connection fee. The credit period is 2 years from the date of DEWA Estimate or until the date of connection/energization, whichever is earlier. A bank guarantee from a local bank in the prescribed format is required to be submitted by the Customer soon after he receives the DEWA Estimate.