Partnerships Management

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Our partners
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Our valuable partners are part of our major resources needed to operate successfully.

Corporate Partnership & Relations Department

The Corporate Partnership & Relations Department is adopting best practices by implementing the ISO 440001: 2017- Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems, which enables Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) to share knowledge, skills and resources to meet mutually defined objectives and to provide new levels of value creation with its partners.

Partnership Definition

It is an agreement on a relationship between two or more parties to invest resources and expertise available to ensure mutual benefits and shared goals - short or long term - where responsibilities, inputs and outputs are determined.

Partnership Types

There are two types of partnerships, described as follows:

Strategic Partners

Partners who are essential to achieve DEWA’s vision, mission and strategy, business and value creation, proposition and delivery by taking advantage of the diversified capabilities and skills of partners.

Main Partners

Partners who provide distinguished partnership performance among other partners in the same industry or specialisation to achieve mutual benefits that aim to provide services to customers, establishing joint ventures, transfer knowledge and expertise in the areas of their specialisation.

Framework & Tools

Framework & Tools

DEWA establishes and manages partnerships through an effective and clear framework that consists of four essential steps.

Stage One:

Understand, Determine & Plan the Partnership Relationship:

Identify and analyse key partners and continuously search for partnership opportunities locally, regionally and internationally in both public and private sectors that contribute to services, initiatives and projects on an ongoing basis.

Stage Two:

Managing Partnership Projects and Activities:

DEWA manages Partnership Relationships through a clear framework to achieve mutual benefits and provide added value by working collaboratively with our partners to improve organisational performance.

Stage Three:

Evaluate The Partners and Partnership Management:

DEWA ensures transparency in the relationship with its partner by evaluating the partnerships through Partnership Happiness Surveys to create solutions to improve partnership outcomes.

Stage Four:

Review and Development:

DEWA reviews the results of the surveys and performance levels to identify improvement plans.

Stage Five:

Continuous Learning and Improvement

DEWA ensures having an ongoing practice to review, assess and manage the overall partnership processes.