Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) Attracting an Emirati Workforce

Talent Acquisition

Scholarships for high school students

DEWA offers scholarships for Emirati high school graduates to prepare them for engineering positions at DEWA. These programmes include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical  engineering in collaboration with United Arab Emirates University.
  • Initial Programme for a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in various government and private universities and colleges.
  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai (Men’s College).

Higher studies scholarships programme (in the UAE and overseas)

DEWA provides post-graduate scholarships for Emiratis in technical and rare specialities, and in innovation, creativity, and environment management.

DEWA Academy

A high-school academy that focuses on vocational education and onsite training for Emirati students, according to the highest vocational education and training levels, in cooperation with the UK's Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC). It prepares graduates for technical jobs in DEWA.

School and college visits

DEWA organises visits to schools and colleges to inform students about available vacancies at DEWA in particular and in the job market in general. This helps students learn about professional opportunities in the job market.

Attracting Emirati workforce using different channels

DEWA uses different channels to attract Emiratis and reaches them wherever they are, including social media to announce vacancies.

Participating in job fairs

DEWA participates in different National job fairs to attract competent Emiratis and promote educational and training programmes required to work at DEWA.

Summer training for students

DEWA provides summer training for school and university students to gain practical experiences that can help them with their studies and in deciding field of study. The training also helps the students in their future careers.

Workplacment / Internship

DEWA provides field training for school, university, and college students to gain new skills and develop their expertise required for the workplace.

Field visits by universities and colleges

DEWA provides field visits to its work sites for university and college students, to learn about its work environment and the nature of the jobs.

Financing and sponsoring study and research projects

DEWA sponsors study and research projects related to its work.

Recognising distinguished scholarship students

DEWA recognises distinguished scholarship students to motivate them to excel in their studies.

Carbon Ambassadors Programme:

The Carbon Ambassadors Programme is sponsored by DEWA as per the United Nations Development Programme’s criteria and with the support of the Ministry of Environment and climate change. The programme highlight the importance of green economy to the youth and steers them into engaging activities in the field of sustainability. The Carbon Ambassadors are the next generation of leaders and experts who will implement ambitious National strategies and plans as well as contribute to innovating new initiatives and programmes.

Hiring people of determination

“My Community… A City for Everyone” is one of the key initiatives adopted by DEWA to employ people of determination in suitable jobs as per its recruitment procedures. DEWA matches them with jobs that suit their expertise and capabilities to help them fully integrate into society.

Caring for employees and retaining them:

Knowledge-Exchange Programme

As part of its efforts to achieve its vision to become a leading sustainable innovative global corporation depending on qualified Emirati staff, DEWA has started a knowledge-exchange programme with international organisations such as RWE in Germany and First Solar in the USA, and PWC in the UAE. This aims to train staff on the latest technologies and best practices in energy and water.

Developing Emirati Employees:

Leadership development programmes

DEWA provides a number of programmes to prepare leaders at all levels. Training programmes include Frontiers, Women Leadership, and Future Leaders programmes to develop them and benefit from the expertise of others and implement them in the workplace.

Other training programmes
  • Onsite training.
  • Specialised and internationally-recognised accredited courses including EFQM, CPA, and PMP.
  • Participating in overseas training and conferences.

Mentoring Programme

This programme provides guidance to employees on their professional development to promote their skills and help them achieve their personal and professional goals.