Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

DEWA Academy

A high-school academy that focuses on vocational education and onsite training for Emirati students, according to the highest vocational education and training levels, in cooperation with the UK's Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC). It prepares graduates for technical jobs in DEWA.

Attracting Emirati workforce using different channels

DEWA uses different channels to attract Emiratis and reaches them wherever they are, including social media to announce vacancies.

Participating in job fairs

DEWA participates in different National job fairs to attract competent Emiratis and promote educational and training programmes required to work at DEWA.

Hiring people of determination

“My Community… A City for Everyone” is one of the key initiatives adopted by DEWA to employ people of determination in suitable jobs as per its recruitment procedures. DEWA matches them with jobs that suit their expertise and capabilities to help them fully integrate into society.

Developing Emirati Employees:

- Leadership development programmes

DEWA provides a number of programmes to prepare leaders at all levels. Training programmes include Frontiers, Women Leadership, and Future Leaders programmes to develop them and benefit from the expertise of others and implement them in the workplace.

- Other training programmes
  • Onsite training.
  • Specialised and internationally-recognised accredited courses including EFQM, CPA, and PMP.
  • Participating in overseas training and conferences.