Request Approval for Private Work (Individual/Business)

Request Approval for Private Work (Individual/Business)

What is Private Work (Individual/Business)


This service helps the registered consumers to obtain Approval for Private work (Individual/Business) for works related to residential private premises through DEWA portal / mobile application.


Service is free of charge.

Delivery Duration:

 5 Working Days

Online Guide

Online Application Submission:

Registered customers (villa owners, farm, plot owner, Commercial Shops) customers who are registered though billing account can request for approval related to works around plot which is executed by own work force (not contractor) those include small landscaping works (flowers, shrubs, stone pebbles, etc), painting jobs, plot replanning, sikka cancellation request, temporance access to farms, scaffolding, etc.

Approval request submitted by the applicant may not be accepted by DEWA if such work request is required to be submitted though a consultant/contractor.

All acceptable application requests will be processed by DEWA Infrastructure Information and Permits Department (II&PD) and the reply  will be communicated through applicants login access.

Mandatory Documents:

1. Affection plan showing dimensions / limits of proposed work

2. Other attachments (if any)

Application Status Tracking and Notifications:

Customers will receive SMS and e-mail notifications regarding the progress of the application (submission, comments, rejection, revision, approval). In addition, the status of the application requets can be checked by using 'Track Customers Application' option.

Application Resubmission:

If the application was commented; then please access ‘the Resubmission Page’ using ‘Track Customers Application’; and re-submit a revised application.

Service Delivery:

Once the requested application is approved; then the digitally stamped drawings and documents that are attached can be downloaded.