What is Scrap Sale?

What is Scrap Sale?

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What is Scrap Sale ?


DEWA time to time sells its used equipment, machineries , IT devices, vehicles , furniture and other assets to the highest bidder through an open Tender/auction system . Interested individual resident of UAE or Local Companies dealing Scarp can participate in the open Tender and submit their offer .

Without any need of a special software, just using a web browser, interested party can view the open tenders that have been floated by DEWA for sale of its used assets, pay the tender documents fee online  or  through alternative agencies’ (like ETISALAT )Cash deposit Machine or to the cashiers of EPPCO/ENNOC and  download the tender document from our website. Interested parties can also submit their offers online/ offline, acknowledge the Sales Order issued by DEWA, deposit   online in advance the Sales order value.


The following criteria should be fulfilled for participating in the scrap sales tenders

1. Any Local company or individual resident of UAE having the Emirates ID  can download the electronic form of the tender document from our website after making payment for it online or through other agencies payment channels as detailed in Introduction. Everyone must include  a photocopy of their current Dubai trade license or Emirates ID when they submit their tender proposal.

2. For submitting any sales offer, you need to purchase the specific tender document in advance either online through our website or by payment through alternative payment channels.  The fess for each tender document can be found in the corresponding advertisement published in daily newspapers . You can also see the copy of the advertisement by clicking on the corresponding advertisement link in our List of Tender Documents for Sale on the DEWA website and in Digital Notice Boards kept in DEWA Head office. 

3. You need to enter online the prices for a tender in the e-tender available in our  website for online Sales tenders. You also need to submit a copy of the tender  comprising Form of Tender, price schedule, original tender bond or receipt of payment of the Tender Bond amount to DEWA accounts  and any other forms related to the tender document and other supporting documents as applicable by  uploading in the online system or in case of technical difficulties submit manually the offer in a sealed envelope to the Tender Box located in DEWA Head office Dubai.


Tenderers are normally required to submit their prices online in our SRM system in our website which remains sealed until it is opened online automatically  after the Tender closing time. They should also upload all relevant documents of the offer in our Website. To be able to submit offers online, scrap Customer should have a username and password issued by our system. Existing Scrap Customers should have their username and password already issued by the system by e-mail to the e-mail address in our Customer data.
If passwords are forgotten by an existing Scrap Customer, new passwords can be generated by system and sent to them through e-mail by applying for new passwords on the forgotten password link. 
New Scrap Customers need to register online in our Scrap Customer list through our Website ‘Scrap sale” link  and by clicking on Apply On line tab or on “Create an account” in the Scrap Sale login page or on the “purchase”  link of List of Scrap Sale Tender Documents page .  
For manual submissions in unavoidable circumstances, completed tenders (including the master tender document and duplicate copies, with the original tender bond or money receipt, the signed and stamped tender form and any other documents not uploaded, all in a plain covered envelope. The envelope must be sealed with red wax, and clearly marked with the tender number and description. It should be addressed to:
The Chairman,
Board of Directors,
Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
and delivered into the Tender Box at room number. 319/321, on the 3rd floor of DEWA’s Head Office, which is located near Wafi shopping mall in Zabeel East, Dubai. 
The closing time for the receipt of completed tenders is 11:00am on the closing date.
It's essential that the following documents are enclosed with the tender document:

• Original Tender bond in the same format as the specimen form supplied in the tender document. Please note that the tender bond should be for an amount of not less than 5% of the total tender price in the form of an unconditional and irrevocable bank guarantee issued from a leading bank in Dubai in favour of DEWA and valid for 150 calendar days calculated from the last date fixed for the receipt of tenders. In case instead of Tender bond similar amount is deposited Cash to DEWA accounts or paid in alternative cash payment channels , the copy of the Tender bond deposit should be attached . 
• The duplicate tender document purchase receipt or printout of electronic payment receipt in the case of downloaded tender documents.
• A copy of any local Partner’s, and Sponsor's, current Dubai Trade License or Emirates ID in case of individuals.
Note: Details of commercial terms and conditions and specifications are available in the tender document only.
For questions or more information about purchasing scrap tenders, and scrap Tender submission, you can e-mail your queries to contracts@dewa.gov.ae or cd.support@dewa.gov.ae.

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