Serving You First, Always To Make Your Life Comfortable & Easy

Due to the unprecedented weather conditions experienced in the country, and the technical notifications received from some customers, please note that our technical teams are exerting maximum efforts to address the resulting incidents as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding of what you may encounter in terms of the speed of arrival of our technical teams to the sites and the waiting time to answer your incoming calls. All DEWA services including the technical notifications are available on DEWA Website and Smart App. Your safety is our priority.

Services 360

Serving You First, Always To Make Your Life Comfortable & Easy

DEWA aims to deliver seamless, proactive, and integrated services that align with customer expectations and enhance their happiness, following the " Services 360 " policy of government entities in Dubai.

DEWA’s implementation of the "Services 360" policy

DEWA has adopted the “360 Services” policy in all its services to be smooth, proactive, and integrated, exceeding customer expectations. This resulted in the development of a work plan over a period of 3 years. DEWA has achieved more than 300% of the goals of the plan’s first phase.

Customers are the main pillar in DEWA’s services development process through the application of the Customer Happiness Framework. In the first phase, 20 improvements were made to the customer experience, in addition to improving NOC services. This is by involving stakeholders in the stages of service design, simplifying procedures, cooperating with partners in the public and private sectors, and adopting digital solutions and the latest technologies. This consolidates DEWA’s leadership in service provision, supporting the concept of “one government” and Dubai’s outstanding experiences.

Results of DEWA’s implementation of the policy in 2023

100% automation of service delivery processes

100% self-service options

100% services that do not require a physical presence

90% reduction in service delivery points

95% ease of access to services

95% service quality level

99.2% digital adoption

98.3% customers happiness

41,470 tons reduction in carbon emissions