DRRG Solar PV Consultants & Contractors Enrollment

DRRG Solar PV Consultants & Contractors Enrollment

Requirements for enrollment as Solar PV Consultant (‘Consultant - Electrical & DRRG Solar PV’) or PV Contractor (‘Contractor - Electrical & DRRG Solar PV’) :

  • Be enrolled with DEWA as Consultant - Electrical or Contractor – Electrical.

    To enroll as Consultant - Electrical or Contractor – Electrical, the company shall have a valid Trade License issued by Department of Economic Development, specifying the activity code (For contractors: Activity code 4321001– Electrical Fitting Contracting. For consultants: Activity code 742171 – Buildings Electrical Engineering Services). The company shall also have a minimum of one Graduate Electrical Engineer in their sponsorship with at least one year experience in supervising electrical works/Design in compliance with DEWA Regulations for Electrical Installations. To apply for enrollment with DEWA as Consultant - Electrical or Contractor – Electrical, please click here “Apply for Enrollment as Consultant - Electrical or Contractor – Electrical

  • Hold a renewable solar energy specific trade license issued by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai :

    • For Consultants: Activity Code 731004 - for Renewable Energy Consultancy

    • For Contractors: Activity Code 4322011 - for Solar Energy System Installation.

  • Have a certain number of employees certified by DEWA as Solar PV Experts, minimum requirements as described in the table below

LV plants ≤ 20 kW
1(Junior) 1(Junior)
All LV plants
1(Senior) 1 (Senior) + 1 (Junior)
MV plants
1 (Senior) + 1 (Junior) 1 (Senior) + 2 (Junior)

To apply for enrolment, the following documents must be submitted through the link: DRRG Solar PV Consultant/Contractor

  • The company valid trade license (including Activity Codes 4321001 and 4322011 for Contractors, and Activity Codes 731004 and 742171 for Consultants).
  • Solar PV Expert Certificates issued by DEWA to employees having successfully completed the Solar PV Expert Training (or copy of the communication received from DEWA notifying that the employee has successfully completed the training and passed the test).
  • Copy of valid visa showing that the employee is under the company sponsorship.
  • A dated and signed self-declaration as per the form available at this link (Self-declaration Form).

DEWA Solar PV Expert Certification 
The objectives of Solar PV certification scheme is to make sure that Solar PV systems connected to DEWA grid are designed and constructed by professionals with adequate training and skills. This serves multiple purposes, helping to ensure:

  • High standards of safety.
  • Compliance with required technical standards.
  • Quality of the design and installation for customers.
  • Protection for the public and for DEWA.

The requirements to obtain the Solar PV certification are for the nominated applicants to attend the full training program organized by DEWA (which lasts for 5 days) and successfully completing the final test.

Applicants that pass the final test will be provided with a Solar PV Expert certification (Junior or Senior).

Note that Consultants and Contractors companies need to nominate and submit application on behalf of their employees.

If you wish to nominate your employees for the training and for next training dates, please click here ‘Upcoming Training Sessions’. Requirements for Applicants to attend the Solar PV Certification Training Sessions.

Requirements for Solar PV Expert “Junior” 
Additional requirements for Solar PV Expert “Senior”
Age Education* Work Experience Work Experience
 Consultants  At least 24 years old
Technical degree in Electrical or Electrical & Electronics issued by recognized university /institution
Minimum 4 years as professional with documented experience in Design and Installation of electrical systems (e.g. system designer, Project Manager, Forman, Electrician, System Engineer

Experience of two (2) years and at least three (3) Solar PV plants in:

  • Designing
  • Building
  • Verification/Testing
 Contractors At least 24 years old  Technical degree Electrical or Electrical & Electronics issued by recognized university / institution
Minimum 4 years of Electrical Installation and construction related work.

Experience of two (2) years and at least three (3) Solar PV planets in:

  • Designing
  • Building
  • Verification/Testing


  1. For Solar PV Expert “Senior,” additional Education degrees in Electronics, Mechatronics, Renewable and Sustainable Energy are also accepted.
  2. Moreover, for Solar PV Expert “Senior,” DEWA might accept also additional degrees with name not exactly matching the abovementioned degree categories, but deemed equivalent for the purpose, if copy of the academic records shows that the curriculum includes comparable subjects in the areas of Electrical, Electronics, Energy, Renewable Energy.

 Solar PV experts: Junior and Senior

To become a certified “Senior” Solar PV Expert, applicants shall demonstrate, as a minimum, that in the last two (2) years they have gained experience working on minimum three (3) Solar PV plants in the respective role (designing, building, verification).

Applicants may have none or insufficient experience working on Solar PV systems.

As such, after the training they can obtain the title of “Junior” Solar PV Experts. Later, when they gain the needed experience in installing Solar PV systems, they will receive the qualification of “Senior” Solar PV Experts.

Solar PV experts

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