Infrastructure Projects Services

Infrastructure Projects Services

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Infrastructure Projects Services

One window to serve customer needs for technical information and coordination services for infrastructure projects. Achieve high customer satisfaction by expediting technical process, focusing on improved coordination and follow-up services as facilitators for our Customers.

The following are the various Technical Services offered to the Customers through Online.

  • Completion Certificate.
  • As Built Approval.
  • BOQ approval Duct Installation.
  • Estimate for Cable Diversion Works.
  • Material Sample & Specification Approval.
  • Electrical Sub-Contractor Approval (Cable diversion work).
  • GIS Land Base Update


  • Digitally: 
    • Free of Charge.
  • Manually: 
    • Will be announced

Delivery Duration:

  • Completion Certificate : 45 Working Days.
  • As Built Approval : 45 Working Days.
  • BOQ approval Duct Installation : 14 Working Days.
  • Estimate for Cable Diversion Works : 14 Working Days.
  • Material  Sample & Specification Approval : 14 Working Days.
  • Electrical Sub-Contractor Approval (Cable diversion work) : 14 Working Days.
  • GIS Land Base Update :14 Working Days

Online Application Submission

In this section customers can submit documents through the following link:

All acceptable applications will be processed by DEWA Infrastructure Information and Permits Department (II&PD) for Road Projects, Network Service Projects & General Projects.

Mandatory Documents

Depending on the application type, the application should comply with the requirements of the Infrastructure Projects Services Submission Guideline; which can be found on DEWA portal.

Application Status Tracking and Notifications

You will be able to check the status of your application by clicking on the “Track Your Application”  link. Incorrect or incomplete application information will be sent to you by electronic mail or SMS.

Application Resubmission

If the application was commented; then please access ‘the Resubmission Page’ using the link ”Track your Application” and re-submit a revised application.

Service Delivery

Once the application is approved, the approval can be downloaded from the tracking page of the e-service.

For more information about this service, view the frequently asked questions.