Services and Facilities for Senior Citizens & Residents

Services and Facilities for Senior Citizens & Residents

DEWA is committed to provide its services easily and efficiently to all society.  It enables customers aged over 60 to benefit from a variety of simple services, smart platforms and facilities that suit their needs.

DEWA Website and Smart App

Easy – to - use smart services that are available around the clock and allow customers to obtain all DEWA services in the comfort to their home through our Website and Smart App.

Bill Payment Channels

DEWA provides multiple channels to easily pay bills, such as our website, Smart App, ENOC/EPPCO service stations, bank, and a variety of other channels.

“Hayak” Service

Online text chat with option of video chart service that allows customers to directly communicate with Customer Care Centre agents 24/7.

WhatsApp Service

Rammas, DEWA’s virtual employee that depends on artificial intelligence, is available on the WhatsApp Application, allowing customers to communicate with DEWA 24/7 on +971-4-601-9999 for all customer service enquiries.

Priority for Senior citizens

Priority in service, and dedicated waiting areas designated for senior citizens in Customer Happiness Centres.


DEWA’s virtual employee, Rammas, uses artificial intelligence to help customers and answer their enquiries in both Arabic and English on DEWA’s service channels.

Remote Communication

Virtual screens for remote video chatting in Customer Happiness Centres.

Education on Smart Services

Customer Happiness Employees are available to show customers how to use smart services in Customer Happiness Centres.

Awareness Workshop and Programmes

DEWA organizes workshops and awareness programmes for senior citizens to promote its initiatives and ways to preserve the environment.

DEWA provides discounts on fees for several services to “Thukher” Cardholders:

50% discount: on registration fees for Activation of Electricity / water (Move In) service.

50% discount: on services fees for Deactivation of Electricity / Water (Move Out) service.

50% discount: on meter inspection (in case meter is in working order).

No fees: on updating customer information