Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | DEWA customers praise its tools & smart programmes to manage consumption

28 July 2022

DEWA customers praise its tools & smart programmes to manage consumption

DEWA customers praise its tools & smart programmes to manage consumption

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority’s (DEWA) customers praised the smart tools and programmes it provides as part of the Smart Living initiative to help them manage their electricity and water consumption more efficiently and promote a sustainable lifestyle. One of the tools recently launched by DEWA within the Smart Living initiative is the Consumption Assessment Tool, which helps residential customers to assess their electricity and water consumption, empowering them to make smart decisions by making use of tips customised for each customer.

HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, said that smart tools and programmes launched by DEWA as part of the Smart Living initiative, which won the 2020 Hamdan bin Mohammed Program for Government Services Flag, provides a proactive mechanism in interacting with customers. It helps them make smart decisions by monitoring their consumption through the smart living dashboard and receive daily, monthly, and annual consumption reports. These also help customers instantly detect leakage and repair interruptions without contacting DEWA.

Using the Consumption Assessment Tool

To use the Consumption Assessment Tool, customers need to log into their accounts on DEWA’s smart app or website and fill out the consumption assessment form. They can then receive a detailed report on their electricity and water consumption, and customised tips based on their consumption patterns to help them manage their consumption more efficiently.

Helping customers to avoid waste

DEWA provides the High-Water Usage Alert under the Smart Response initiative to help customers detect leakages in water connections after the meter. The initiative also includes an auto-scheduling feature to make an appointment for a technical team visit with real-time updates. Through the ‘Away Mode’ service, customers can receive daily and weekly email reports when they activate the service or when they are on vacation or away from home. Through the ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’ customers can compare their consumption with that of similar homes. This encourages them to manage their consumption more efficiently.


Hessa Al Marzouky (@hesamrzky) said, “DEWA has launched a new smart tool to assess electricity and water consumption and enable residential customers to understand their consumption patterns through a survey on electricity and water consumption, allowing them to assess their consumption.”

Hend Al Qasimi (@Hend12Qasim) said, "Raising awareness levels of all society members about their responsibility in using electricity and water sensibly and protecting precious natural resources through new smart services provided by DEWA will have good results in the future.”

Maryam Khalid (@MarKhalid11) said, "DEWA has launched smart and innovative services that make customers’ lives easier, help them increase the efficiency of their electricity and water use, as well as quickly detect faults."

“I received a text message from DEWA that alerted us that our water consumption is 70% higher than our regular use. Upon investigating, my husband found that one of the bathrooms had a leakage that we generally would not have been able to find out,” a lady mentioned in one of the online blogs.