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Request for Consumption Verification - Electricity/Water

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Service Description

This service is offered to customers wishing to verify their consumption level on noticing unexpected increase or decrease in electricity or water consumption.

Service Category & Type

  • Subsidiary
  • Procedural

Customer Segment

Electricity/ Water Supply Customers (Consumers)

  • Government/ Semi Government
  • Business
  • Individual (Local)
  • Individual (Expat)

Service Integrations

  • N/A

Service Partners

  • N/A


  • N/A

Service Limitations

  • N/A


  • In order to verify the accuracy of the water meters, if required, water meters will be tested in a DEWA lab and a new water meters will be installed for service continuity.

Service Requirements

  • Providing the account number
  • Choosing Electricity / Water and month for which the service is requested
  • Choosing date

Service Steps & Procedures

  • Customer may communicate with DEWA through any of the available service channels to enquire about high/low consumption
  • A notification number will be sent to customer through SMS & Email, which can be used for tracking the status of the request
  • Feedback will be sent to customers through Email

Service Fees

  • Service fee will be charged (30 or 75 AED based on meter type/size) in case you select scheduling onsite visit and meter is not faulty
  • VAT will be charged as applicable
  • Schedule a call with DEWA technical team - Free of charge
  • Perform self diagnosis - Free of charge

Service Channels

  • 24/7 through DEWA website (, DEWA Smart App and Customer Care Centre
  • Customer Happiness Centres (Self Service) - as per working hours

Service Delivery Time

  • Inquiry will be responded to within 7 working days

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request Consumption Verification for Electricity / Water?

To submit request for Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water, please visit the ‘Consumption Verification - Electricity/Water’ page.

What options are available to me, if I want to request for Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water?

While applying for the ‘Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water’ below options are available to you;

    • Perform self-diagnosis

    • Schedule a call with a DEWA agent

    • Schedule an onsite visit from DEWA team

Can I choose the date and time of onsite visit for DEWA team?

Yes, you can choose your convenient date and time of onsite visit for DEWA team from the available date and time slots

Can I choose the date and time of schedule a call with DEWA agent?

Yes, you can choose your convenient date and time of call with our DEWA agent from the available date and time slots.

How much is the fee for Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water service?

There is no fee for “Perform Self-diagnosis” and “Schedule a call with DEWA agent”. However, there is a fee of AED 30 / 75 (based on meter type / size) for “Schedule onsite visit for DEWA team” if the meter is not faulty.

Are any attachments required while submitting Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water service?

No attachments needed.

What rules do I have to follow while requesting ‘Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water service’?

    • Log-in with your DEWA credentials (Online ID and password)

    • Click on Consumption Management from the “Consumer” tab and then ‘Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water’

    • Then follow the step by step process for ‘Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water’

Can I submit request ‘Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water service’ in more than one language?

Yes, you can request ‘Consumption Verification – Electricity / Water service’ in below 5 languages;

    • Arabic (العربية)

    • English (English)

    • Urdu (اردو)

    • Filipino (Tagalog)

    • Chinese (中文)

What happens when I successfully submit the Consumption Verification request?

The form will go to the respective Department concerned. The application will then be processed accordingly.

How can I get more information about unusually high or low bills?

To get more information about this service, you can contact the Customer Care Centre. The contact information of the department is available at our Help & Support page. Further, you can schedule a call with DEWA technical team via “schedule a call with DEWA agent”

How can I track my request?

Track the status of your request, then click on “Track Request” in the services list.

What is the dispute resolution process, if I am not satisfied with the outcome of my enquiry?

You can schedule a call with DEWA technical team via “schedule a call with DEWA agent”

Further, you can resubmit your enquiry through OR request for an appointment to meet with the concerned through email

How and when is consumption being estimated?

In an extremely rare and exception scenario, even after all our efforts to read your monthly meter, there are situations where the meter reading is not available, due to locked premises or any technical reason we then estimate the consumption based on customer/premises consumption pattern. We do this in order to avoid any cumulative bill to customers in subsequent month,. Any customer requiring information on the estimation methodology can send an email to

Further, once the actual reading is received then DEWA will adjust any estimated bills which may be more or less based on actual consumption.

Can customers submit meter readings?

In exceptional circumstances, by mutual agreement with customer, meter readings provided by customer can be accepted.

What if I overpaid or underpaid my bill?

Customer advance payments/over payment remains as credit in their account and it is automatically adjusted by the system against the new monthly invoice amount. The underpayment amount accumulates within the next monthly invoice with clear details of current month invoice amount and previous balance. However, the supply will be liable for disconnection according to DEWA’s rules and regulations.