Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | Accessibility Options

Accessibility FAQ

1. What browser is your website optimized for?

Our website can be viewed in any browser, though we optimize our website for the latest versions of most popular browsers. These include Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari & Firefox.

2. What features do you have for people of determination?

DEWA is committed to assisting those with determination and special needs. We employ the largest number of staff with special needs and constantly seek feedback from them to ensure our services are optimized for them. Those with hearing impairments can use sign language to video chat with us through our Ash’ir service on DEWA’s smart app. Our Customers Happiness Centres also have special valet services and wheel-chairs near the entrance. Inside our Customer Happiness Centres, we have road monitoring systems and specialised teams to help those with visual or hearing impairments. We also ensure that our website has special features for people with visual impairments.

3. What website features do you have for people with visual impairments?

On our website, we have a text – to-voice feature to help users with visual impairments, which is also useful for those who cannot read well from a digital screen. To turn this feature on, click on ‘Accessibility’ in the top menu and then on ‘ReadSpeaker’. You can also highlight the part you want to listen to, and the speaker symbol will appear next to it.

4. What if I prefer to read your website, but find the font size too small?

You can increase or decrease the text size by clicking on ‘Accessibility’ in the top menu and then on the (A) symbol. Alternatively, you can adjust the text size setting of your browser. Or you can use the Zoom option on your browser to enlarge the entire page.

5. I can read but cannot see images very well. How can you assist me?

 All images on our website have an ALT-TEXT feature or description. Simply hover your mouse over the image and read the description of the image.

6. I have a problem with certain colours on a website. Can I change them?

If you find difficulty in reading certain texts in the given background colour combinations, you can change the background colours by clicking on ‘Accessibility’ in the top menu and then on ‘Contrast Switch’.

7. I’m finding it hard to read the entire website on my smartphone. How can you assist?

DEWA’s smart website resizes automatically depending on whether you are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphones. However, for a best smartphone experience, we suggest you download and use our smart app which is very convenient for Android and iOS phones. You can download DEWA’s smart applications from this page.

8. Some of your guides and pages are in PDF but I can’t download them easily. How can you help?

You should have PDF software, but in case you don’t please download a free PDF reader here.