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DEWA’s precautionary measures against COVID-19

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has undertaken a number of precautionary measures to limit the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is committed to implementing all instructions of concerned authorities in the UAE and the Government of Dubai. This ensures the safety of all stakeholders.


  • DEWA is committed to protecting society against COVID-19. All its staff wear face masks and gloves on home visits to fix interruptions in electricity services.
  • Smart channels to provide services: DEWA encourages all customers to use its digital channels, including the website and smart app, to complete their transactions easily anytime and anywhere, without visiting any of its centres.

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  • Digital communication channels (Ash’ir and Hayak): Ash’ir enables people with hearing difficulties to directly communicate with our Customer Care centre staff round the clock. DEWA also provides the Hayak written and visual communication service through its website.

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  • Working remotely: DEWA has efficiently applied working from home for all its employees, whose jobs do not require their presence at DEWA’s power plants. This ensures services according to the same level of efficiency and reliability using the latest smart technologies.
  • Rotational shifts: DEWA applies rotational shifts for jobs that cannot be done remotely, reducing the number of employees to the minimum that maintains production. Staff working in shifts use different locations from their previous colleagues.
  • Electronic entrances: DEWA has activated electronic entrances at all entrances and elevators of its head office. It also recommends no more than 2 persons at a time in the elevator and to  avoid crowded places.
  • Temperature check: DEWA uses the latest technologies to check body temperature at all its buildings. All entrants to those buildings are subject to temperature check.
  • Awareness leaflets: DEWA provides leaflets to raise awareness on physical distancing and to stay at home to develop skills. DEWA also provides tips on washing hands, wearing face masks and gloves and how to get rid of them. This is in addition to FAQs on coronavirus, and how to help People of Determination and support them against COVID-19.
  • Technologies of Customer Care/ Happiness Centres: DEWA provides employees at Customer Care Centre with the best technologies to support their work from distance to provide best services in line with the highest standards. DEWA provides needed devices to do so, besides VPN access. 
  • Smart Office: Smart office includes a Shared Folder that gives the employees access to their saved files on DEWA’s network; and Majlisna for distance meetings. It also provides a Panel Control that gives DEWA’s top management access to performance indicators instantly to support decision making.
  • VPN Access: DEWA provides VPN access to all its employees to DEWA internal systems such as SAP and GIS.
  • File Exchange Platforms: DEWA provides a group of registered solutions to enable employees to exchange files easily and safely through Tabadul platform and D Drive that enables employees to share and collaborate on shared files with others.
  • Distance Meetings: DEWA provides its staff with the best technologies to have online meetings efficiently.
  • My Portal and Freejna: MyPortal is used for Employee HR services. DEWA also provides its internal website Freejna for employees to get all needed information and internal news related to DEWA and their divisions.
  • Precautionary measures at workplaces and worker residences.
  • DEWA has in place a comprehensive plan to ensure the continuity of field work at its power generation and water desalination plants. It also maintains the operation, maintenance, lab tests, among other vital work. to ensure the continuity of providing electricity and water services for all customers.
  • DEWA applies strict precautionary measures that follow public health rules. These include cleaning, and disinfecting surfaces, providing disinfectants among workers at their dorms, workplaces, and transportations.
  • DEWA provides hand sterilisers at all its workplaces as well as single-use medical masks.
  • DEWA provides posters in different languages at workplaces and dorms to ensure following precautionary measures against the virus.
  • DEWA is also committed to disinfecting its transportation every day. It provides workers with hand sterilisers before entering the bus. DEWA sterilises all workers’ homes and provides check their temperature before entering the building.

Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers

  • Best health and safety practices: DEWA undertook all preventative measures to ensure the safety of suppliers, consultants and contractors.
  • Guidelines: DEWA provides guidelines for contractors and suppliers such as sharing recent travels, self-quarantine, and tips on using medical masks.
  • Measures after the infection with COVID-19: DEWA published a guide on how to deal with employees who have flu symptoms, high body temperature, or respiratory problems.
  • Preventative measures: DEWA urged supplier’s and contractor’s drivers and their companions to wear masks and gloves when delivering or supplying goods to DEWA’s offices, follow all preventative measures, and ensure the number of passengers on each bus doesn’t exceed 20 people.