Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) | DEWA organises health and safety awareness day for contractors and consultants

13 January 2020

DEWA organises health and safety awareness day for contractors and consultants

DEWA organises health and safety awareness day for contractors and consultants

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) organised the annual health and safety awareness day for contractors and consultants. This is in accordance with Dubai’s strategic directions to achieve the highest standards of health and safety. More than 100 DEWA contractors and consultants attended the event at the Innovation Tent at DEWA’s head office. The event introduced the latest systems in quality, health, safety, and environment management to contractors and consultants working with DEWA.

The participants commended the significant progress of the initiative since its launch in 2011. They highlighted their interest in closely collaborating with DEWA and their trust in its practices and operations. They also praised the continuous efforts by DEWA to attract trained staff and expertise to achieve its commitments and ensure applying the highest international standards in all fields.

“As part of its role as a socially responsible government organisation, DEWA is committed to applying the highest and latest international practices in occupational health and safety. This ensures the safety of all stakeholders. DEWA highly prioritises occupational health and safety and keeps pace with the latest developments in these fields for their key role in protecting lives and properties. It also provides a safe, healthy, and happy work environment, in addition to raising the operational efficiency and achieving excellence. This is in accordance with the Dubai Plan 2021 to make Dubai a home for educated, cultured, and healthy individuals,” said HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA.

“DEWA adopts an integrated operational and management strategy that ensures achieving the highest standards of availability, reliability, efficiency, and quality. DEWA strives to provide stakeholders with the knowledge, and key skills that ensure their safety and well-being. These events enable us to review our achievements in health and safety, which are very important to DEWA. These events are an opportunity to successfully apply quality standards, promote quality among society members, and ensure its effectiveness. This also ensures they are fully aware of the latest quality, health, safety, and environment management. This avoids any potential risks and occupational accidents and diseases, reducing working hours loss, improving institutional efficiency, enhancing the loyalty and happiness of employees and increasing production,” added Al Tayer. 

Dr Yousef Al Akraf, Executive Vice President of Business Support and Human Resources at DEWA mentioned the big turnout of the event and DEWA’s achievements in adhering to the health and safety standards by 96%, which is among the highest ranks in this field. “We are committed to support our staff and the staff of our partners including consultants, contractors, and suppliers to achieve the highest standards of excellence and quality through ongoing training, knowledge sharing, and mechanisms for improving health and safety of human resources and improving productivity, operational efficiency and promoting sustainability. This is part of our responsibility towards our employees, customers, partners, and society as a whole,” said Al Akraf.